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Avant Garde

Witness the Feral Cyber Metal of Sophrosyne “Human Abattoir”

Fuck you and your scary-ass world—make sure you don’t ask me for shit! Excuse me as I dance on the bones of my inner demons, or better yet, on the bones of all of our oppressors! Who out there is really ready to go after the OPPS? Sophrosyne is more than ready to smoke their opps. All you have to do is listen to their most recent insane record on Avon Terror Corps called “Ecclesiastes.” Over the course of ten tracks, this project kicks in the teeth of authority with their intense Cyber Metal. We are beyond fucking hyped to share with y’all the brand new video from Sophrosyne called “Human Abattoir.” Also, check the Avon Terror Corps x Exist Festival Resist To Exist قاوم لِوجودك comp.

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