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TEN – CRURIFRAGIUM Beasts of the Temple of Satan

Bestial metal is a thing. It’s not widely-known, and none of the bands that typify it’s style are world-renowned, but then again, it’s a metal sub-genre, and Beherit is perhaps the earliest example of the Bestial metal style. What do I know? The fact that bands like Vomitchapel spew out more beastly growls and gurgles than a tribe of insane cannibals is not a surprise, so when I come across bands that play this style well, my ears are piqued. Count Crurifragium as one of bestial black/death metal’s best purveyors so far. Their release Beasts of the Temple of Satan inspires the sort of chaotic moshing that puts arena metal bands to shame, no matter how many lame-stream mainstream metal hits the latter have in their repertoire.

Live, this band may never fill an arena, let alone a theatre. “Who the fuck is Crurifragium?!!,” the modern mainstream metal fan may dare subject us to. “How can they compare to Watain?!!,” comes another absurd question. The fact is, Crurifragium may inspire zealots of underground war/bestial, black/death metal to check out the show, but most metal fans will be undoubtedly driven to stare at this band should they play live at a club. Beasts of the Temple of Satan is intense, to say the least, and no modern death metal band can punch holes in the tweeters like this band can.


This band fucking kills, and if you are a Christian you better watch the fuck OUT!

EIGHT – PROFANE ORDER Tightened Noose of Sanctimony

This record is a freaking BEAST – if you don’t believe me press play below to find out!


SEVEN  – ULULATUM TOLLUNT Quantum Noose of Usurpation

Mesenteric waves in a maelstrom spiraling into the depths of oblivion, Ululatum Tollunt brings Mitochondrion-like swirling death metal into their latest mini-album Quantum Noose of Usurpation, via Invictus Productions.

This is a fancy way of saying that once you hit play, the music swirls into circular riff-driven armageddon sending you straight into the five fathoms without hope of survival. Similar also to Deiphago’s Satan Alpha Omega album, Quantum Noose of Usurpation is brutal and intense. The riffs are downtuned excessively and the lead sections sound dissonant and anti technical. Quantum Noose of Usurpation has six short tracks of steady spiraling chaos that is sure to entertain fans of this rare death metal style. So rare, the phenomenon has not been christened a name worthy enough to describe without a foray into a funnel cloud to experience just what inspires this style of death metal juggernaut. Dare I say, groove meets blastbeats and insane downpick and uppick intermittence provokes the slippage of tongue-wagging intellectualism the likes of which has not graced the minds of many a metal fan. Death metal art? Swirling black/death metal maestrom? All hail Ululatum Tollunt. All hail Quantum Noose of Usurpation! We need more of this.

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SIX – HERESIARCH  Death Ordinance

When death comes roaring at you in form of music – this is how I describe blasting Death Ordinance! Press play below and find out for yourself that this music is not for the feeble!


From the bowels of Fresno comes a black/death plague of inhuman proportions. Debuting duo Malefic Levitation have created something innumerably wretched and catastrophically vile, and this demo that we’re proud to present you today is the first breath into this world of their plague-eaten visions of endless fucking destruction. Consisting of four (long) tracks plus an intro and outro, The Ancient Plague is a 20+ minute decimating debut demo/EP that doesn’t even know the most remote concept of remorse. This demo is a full-frontal assault of blasting drums, artillery-like guitars, and hissing serpentine vocals that will violate and humiliate any sense of safety within the listener and dismantle their every defense with a barrage of rupturing chaos that knows absolutely no end.

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FOUR – KAPALA Infest Cesspool

Come a little closer so I can plug you into the sonic violent world of India’s KAPALA. This band creates the kind of sound that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up! Their songs rip open your ear drums and lead your brain into a portal to undiluted audio filth!


For those that give sacrament to CVLT NATION on a regular basis, you’ve probably already seen our stream of Pig’s Blood’s new S/T. For those who haven’t, get the fuck off whatever trendy music site you’re currently following and devote your eyes, ears, and all other mortal tendencies to us! CVLT NATION is music journalism at its finest, goddamnit! Now, I know all you headbanging heathens out there think you’ve heard heavy, but I’m hear to inform you that you are mistaken. Wisconsin’s Pig’s Blood have officially set a new standard of sonic assault as their self-titled blasts, grinds, thrashes and breaks down the barriers set by other giants of heavy music. If you fuck with Torch Runner, Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Brutal Truth and Terrorizer, then this album will absolutely further your demise into an abyss of blast beats.

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TWO – WEREGOAT  Pestilential Rites of Infernal Fornication

Scene veterans of countless revered acts including Aldebaran, Nightfell, Ritual Necromancy, Ascended Dead amongst others, in Weregoat guise, these musicians are brutal bar none.  Bestial black/death metal with big hooks will always be premium for underground fans, and I am also likely to concur with initial feedback from other metal media outlets that their debut full-length album called Pestilential Rites of Infernal Fornication is their best material so far.  What perfect timing to release this brutal onslaught on humanity.  It is long-awaited and worth every second of the wait.

Likely to end up on my year-end-list as a top contender for one of the top five picks, I enjoyed the utter barbarity and meticulous craftsmanship that went into Weregoat’s album.  In spite of the fast tempos mixing with double-kick sections and slow transitions, the band is far from sloppy.  In fact, the fast downpicks are so qualitatively rendered, you will forget Blasphemy left their one and only album to mark the scene years ago, and Weregoat is the most likely contender for the throne the instrumental Canadians left behind to universal acclaim.

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ONE – TETRAGRAMMACIDE Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix

If any of you happened to read my review of the last Tetragrammacide release Typhonian Wormholes, you know just how incredibly floored I was by what I will continue to call one of the most chaotic, ruthless, battering audial experiences of my life. Needless to say, I have waited with bated breath for their incendiary return, and thankfully in 2017 I was gifted with their debut album Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix, an expansive, tyrannical foray into yet more uncharted waters.

Shedding their skin once more and reinventing themselves yet again, Tetragrammacide have delivered one of the most impressive Black/Death albums in recent memory, as it is every bit as primal as the name suggests and technical as the song titles hint at. And that really is what this album is about – a tremendous merging of the unrelenting, full throttle spirit displayed previously but spun into a new light(or darkness), as Tetragrammacide display a gratuity of well timed, well placed riffs that rip and shred the fabric of existence into a million pieces. This record is truly calculated barbarity at its finest and naysayers to the Tetragrammacide creed in the past, who cited lack of riffs, clarity, and song writing skills in general have been castrated and shamed, but not before turning their heads in astonishment at what the band has evolved into.

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