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Black Metal


On the real, some of my favorite music comes out as demos that may never be released in any other format. Today we want to celebrate our favorite demos of 2017 – sorry for the lack of reviews. It’s time for you to enjoy this music the way we have! All Hail the Demo!


Fuck the world, don’t ask me for shit! I got a little story to tell, and it’s about a young punk band from the underbelly of Los Angeles and they go by the name of SMUT! Over the course of six songs, this band lays down the law with some nasty, blown-out punk anthems that’ll get under your skin. The songs are straight ahead but it’s the attitude the shines through and keeps the listener hooked. SMUT is raw is fuck, and they know how to write songs that are catchy as hell. They are one of my new favorite bands, no matter what genre, because they make me feel like I can take on the world. Press play below and get swept away into a lo-fi world of kick-ass punk made by punx!








SIX – OSSUARIUM Calcified Trophies of Violence


FIVE – NIGHT FEAR “Cryptasm”

HEAVY FUCKING METAL at it’s finest is all you are going to get with the soon to be released EP from NIGHTFEAR entitled Cryptasm. From the word go, this band is on a hellbound mission to show you just how fucking hard they can rock! What I love about their music is that it is not over produced – it’s as raw as an open wound. Nightfear write the kind of songs that will have the zombies grooving in their graves!!!


FOUR – MORTIFERUM Altar of Decay



Primitive and extremely lo-fi are words that come to my mind as I listen to the new demo by SHEZMU. This duo from Montreal have beheaded the underground with the first pressing of their tape that came out on Les Fleurs Du Mal Productions, and now they have the second pressing up for sale HERE! This band is so fucking rad because they are able clothe their ugly riffs in a cloak of melodic despair. SHEZMU is a band that you should keep your eyes out for in the very near future, because I have a feeling we will be hearing more from them. Nuff respect due to our comrades Les Fleurs Du Mal Productions for releasing another spot-on project!



TWO – COSMIC VOID RITUAL Gateways Through Septic Flesh

Unholy TRIPLE Fuck – this COSMIC VOID RITUAL tape Gateways Through Septic Flesh is beyond sick!!! They create the kind of Death Metal that I go bonkers for because it’s lo-fi and morbidly grim in all of the right places… Our Comrades Les Fleurs Du Mal Productions released the first pressing of 49 which is now sold out, and now they are back with a second pressing. COSMIC VOID RITUAL needs to make a full length and fast, because they are that good – I can’t enough of them! I’m willing to say that COSMIC VOID RITUAL is the sickest new Death Metal band that you have never heard until NOW! You better buy a copy of Gateways Through Septic Flesh before it sells out!




ONE – SOLAR TEMPLE Rays of Brilliance



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