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TEN – KOHTI TUHOA Pelon neljäs valtakunta

Now that you’ve argued, gorged, and cried yourself to sleep after another holiday, you’re probably ready to get back to your normal routine. Wake up, suffer through work, come home, binge watch average shows about children uncovering conspiracies and wait to die. Its a bleak life; you’re getting older and things you used to love just aren’t cutting it. “Come out for drinks, it’ll be fun.” What they mean to say is “This liquid we consume will mask existential pain while shaving time off our existence.” Quite frankly, they’re right. As you gulp down another PBR and listen to your friends tell the same story about seeing Bjork on acid, you realize how truly unsatisfying your life has become. You make peanuts at work, your band is cheap imitation of Hatred Surge (and everyone knows it), your anxiety and paranoia won’t let you be yourself anymore and worst of all, you can’t seem to get stoked on new music like you used to. Then on one miraculous day, you check your email and the ravenous d-beat you’ve been waiting for hits you harder than the shot of gasoline whiskey you had for breakfast. It breathes new life into what’s left of your tear soaked soul. You immediately pick up the phone and call everyone you’ve ever wronged to make amends; shit – you even take the time to give your relatives you blatantly ignore a quick ring (spoiler: they still think your band is cheap imitation of Hatred Surge) after calling you a poser, they hangup. You’re not bothered because it’s different this time, this time you know something they don’t. You’ve uncovered the magical d-beat elixir that grants all heshers eternal riffage and it’s raged its way to us all the way from Helsinki, Finland.




This band is A FUCKING BEAST and I love them for that!!! Systemik Viølence is a new band from Lisbon, Portugal, that spit in the face of conformity and are releasing their debut tape Fuck as Punk! Their songs are blistering, distorted, raging weapons of mass radness that will freaking rip your throat out! What gets me going about Systemik Viølence is that under the chaos is a well functioning band whose songs have this groove to them that I can’t get enough of, and which just might be the same for you! I know for a fact you will be hearing more from this band, and I will go on record and say this is sickest D-BEAT you will hear all fucking month! CVLT Nation is streaming Fuck as Punk below for a very limited time and you can pre-order the tape via email at!

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The longest output and the heaviest best material by Canada’s NAPALM RAID. Originally hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, the band is now spread out across the country. Balancing more influences than ever before, Rust and Machine is proud to have been working with this band since their beginning, and I am happy to say this is their strongest release, showing progression in style. Over time Napalm Raid has become the premier crust band of Canada, with multiple tours over the years taking them all over the world including Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. Ending track is a revisit to their live hit “Dead Cities” which originally appeared on their debut 7″ “Corruption of their little minds.” – via Grave Mistake Records



Hive‘s brand of bleak, concussive hardcore batters, bruises and comes swinging down violently upon listeners’ heads, much like the scythe that graces their album’s cover.

Comprised of members who have served time in various notable metal and hardcore acts, such as DisembodiedThreadbare108, among others, this Minneapolis quartet utilizes the skills they have honed over the years to deliver a dark, driving and expertly crafted hardcore album with Parasitic Twin.

Taking pages from crust heavyweights such as His Hero is GoneCursed and Tragedy, Hivefaithfully nods to the genre’s figureheads while pushing it further more successfully than most modern crust practitioners. With its ferocious, stampeding instrumentation, sprawling atmospherics and wealth of sociopolitically-charged lyrics, Parasitic Twin is quite the force to be reckoned with. – via

SIX – KHMER Larga Sombra

As most of us will agree, the world is becoming more fucked up by the minute. For me, music gives me the power I need to make it through these fucked up times. Aggressive, raging sounds act as a soundtrack for all of the anger I have brewing within me as I look at how the human race is fucking everything up around them. Part of my solution is the new KHMER LP entitled Larga Sombra that comes out on Aug. 11th via WOOAAARGH (pre-order HERE)! What really makes this record special is not the sonic fury, its the valleys of empathy this band paints with their notes. I feel beyond lucky that KHMER reached out to us to stream their new album…Press play below and allow this band to show what they are made of!

FIVE CALQUES  Civilizing

Alabama’s CALQUES are deviants in the purest and most harrowing forms. These guys come from a harsh noise/raw punk background, having been involved in bands like Hades and Japanese Women, both gravitating around cult raw punk label Tapes of a Neon God (RIP), and have now unveiled their crippling and abusive debut “black metal” EP Civilizing – a work of staggering ugliness and of completely repugnant hostility. Centered around a bizarre concept where “nature must die” and the world must instead be doused in concrete and the excrement of men, with Civilizing, Calques have fully embraced what they most despise and envisioned a work of unparalleled sonic deviancy that will push the listener’s resistance to audial torture to a harrowing new limit. Their black metal-infested industrial raw hardcore punk/noise rock is a flesh-reaping sonic frenzy where you’ll hear shards of Bone Awl, Ildjarn, Raw Nerve, Gnaw They Tongues, Sutekh Hexen, etc. tear through your speakers like a sand-blasting swarm.

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Ritual Knife is a band from Atlanta, Georgia who formed in 2015.  Ritual Knife play a raw, ugly, and filthy style of music that incorporates elements of black metal, punk, and crust within their sound.  Musically, Ritual Knife can be loosely compared to bands such as Fister, Cara Neir, Wode, and Immortal Bird.  Since forming in 2015, Ritual Knife have released a five song self-titled demo in May of 2015.  Hate Invocation is the band’s debut full-length LP, which was released via Fallen Empire records on August 18th, 2017.  On Hate Invocation, Ritual Knife offer up eleven tracks of raw and ugly black metal, punk, and crust.  Overall, Hate Invocation makes for an amazing listen and definitely should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!  Seriously, I can’t even begin to describe how much this album rips! – via



THREE – AKATHARSIA No Generation Without Corruption

Unholy triple fuck awesomeness… the new AKATHARSIA tape No Generation Without Corruption is fucking John Blaze. This collection of songs rocks harder than Thor’s Hammer! This band knows how to blend Punk and Black Metal like the elite of this genre. I love the way AKATHARSIA buries decaying melodic fury under harsh, scathing noise. When I listen to No Generation Without Corruption I just can’t stop moving because of my morbid excitement! I’m so proud of Psychic Violence Records for always coming correct – this tape is out now on their label. If you have never heard of AKATHARSIA now is your chance to hear our favorite tape of the month.

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Polish Hell, Pittsburgh’s EEL have once again crawled out of a dimly lit basement a few blocks from Gooski’s to offer up their most forceful effort yet. “NIGHT PARADE OF 100 DEMONS” is the culmination of a band spending half of a decade perfecting their particular interpretation of the microcosm that is punk. The end result is eleven tracks of violent and destructive commotion that seems to mirror the world that has always surrounded us but is becoming far more apparent as of late. Once again, these freaks of nature achieve their prime objective – bombarding the listener with a relentless barrage of their rust belt style noise drenched hardcore punk… an all out aural assault. Each record features stunning black and white cover art by the legendary Japanese hardcore artist Kazuhiro Imai accompanied by a stellar piece on the reverse by Luke Kislak.




Ring the motherfucking ALARM!!! IMPALERS have a new LP out now via 540 Records (US)/Static Shock Records ( EU) called Cellar Dweller, and it rocks harder than…the hardest rock you can think of! From the moment you press play, this record is off to the fucking races and full of catchy riffs laced with D-Beat, plus a healthy dose of Classic Rock. Some people might hate me for saying this, but I am not sure if Discharge ever made a record this sick – IMPALERS are next level RAGE AND FURY!!! If you love sick music like I do, you better pick up a copy before they are all gone. They are playing some West Coast dates this month which we will post below. I remember when I heard this bands first demo and it left me speechless. Guess what, they have fucking done it again…game recognize game: IMPALERS can not be fucked with. Thank you to everyone who made this record possible, because it’s one of my favorites of the year, straight up!

Read the full review here!


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Meghan MacRae grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but spent many years living in the remote woods. Living in the shadow of grizzly bears, cougars and the other predators of the wilderness taught her about the dark side of nature, and taught her to accept her place in nature's order as their prey. She is co-founder of CVLT Nation.

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