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CVLT Nation’s Top 6 New Bands…
You Must Hear Today!

 1. Choker: Choker

From day one, CVLT Nation have been HUGE fans of Colloquial Sound Recordings. I don’t think they have released anything we have not been into, because what they put out is just that damn good! Bands from this label know how to take a genre and make it their own in a very creative way. CHOKER is a great example of that, and their new tape has reshaped the sound of death rock and post punk. Every song is thumping and grabs you by the neck with their sense of urgency. There is no way to miss how passionate and honest this band is about the music that is flowing from their brains. CHOKER’s songs pack the punk punch under the mysterious cloak of the Batcave. Is 5 tunes enough? HELL NO! Do I want to hear more? HELL YES! In a nutshell, CHOKER sounds like Henry Rollins has Rozz Williams in a head lock and the end result is what you hear below!


2. THAW: Earthground

THAW is not a new band…but Earthground is their new album, and it should be heard by all! It’s hard to describe how fucking unreal they are at being original. You don’t just listen to their songs because their music  overtakes your whole being without you even being aware of it. THAW are a band that are trying to push things forward to a realm were other bands are not. Stop what ever you are doing, press play and let the new THAW album Earthground do the rest…Stay tuned for a full review on CVLT Nation.



So how do you like your hardcore? I like mine dirty, unhinged, cyco, harsh, rabid and extra feral, this why WITCH FACE is the shit to me! Damn, their new record SKREKK & GRU is a 9 tune journey into a whacked out world where vomit-drenched feedback reigns supreme! What really gets me stoked about this band is how songs like “Grusomme Syner” have a sinister melodic sewer running through it. WITCH FACE is one of those bands that you should keep your ears on, because with each release they just get more scathing!!! Fuck all faces, only WITCH FACE matters!


4. RM: Crown Vetch

You know when you find those labels where everything they release just gets you fucking HYPED? Well, I recently found a label that does that for me, and it’s called Summer Isle from Toronto, Canada. The new tape by RM is perfect on so many levels, but putting their music into a box would be hard, which is a very good thing. One thing that strikes about the first track, “Poison Ivory,” is the way they have wrapped brittle noise around soft emotive sonic clouds to create invisible tunnels of audio empathy. How much do I want to hear from RM? A whole lot, because two songs is not enough – I just find myself pressing replay too many times…Tell all your homies about Summer Isle and the band RM, because you should not be selfish about the good music you just heard!


5. P.S. FUCK YOU: You Still Suck

Did I forget to tell you: P.S. FUCK YOU. P.S. FUCK YOU. P.S. FUCK YOU. P.S. FUCK YOU. P.S. FUCK YOU is the shit and you better get with the program. These Texas powerviolence manics have created a kick ass new release called You Still Suck! These cats are bonkers, but I must say their is a radical method to their madness. They know how to write songs that will punish you, but also will fuck your head with noise…Don’t fuck yourself, give P.S. FUCK YOU a good listen and you will not be disappointed.


6. Street Sects: Broken Windows, Sunken Ceilings

Fuck Rules, Fuck Authority, Fuck Everything around Me. All I want is Street Sects’ new record Broken Windows, Sunken Ceilings and I will do whatever it takes to get it! Damn, this band’s new sonic riot is causing mayhem in my ears – press play below so that you can become a victim. Street Sects’ music is better BLASTED than written about.. NUFF DEAD!


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