CVLT Nation’s
Top 6 New Bands You Must HEAR Today!

1. Ambersmoke: Wear Your Love Like Heaven

For many different reasons, my spirit has been feeling really low lately, but when I heard Ambersmoke I started to heal! From the very first note of their tape called Wear Your Love Like Heaven, I knew I had found a gem. I’m so happy that I can share with you a very special band that knows how to break down pop and rebuild it into their own weird amazing structure! Any band that can sample Stone Roses and make it their own is the shit in my book! Describing Ambersmoke is hard, for the fact that they have woven so many different genres into their tapestry of sound. I will say that there’s a very good chance that after you press play below you might have found one of your new favorite bands! Do me a big favor – if you really dig Ambersmoke, please share their music your friends and enemies!…Now it’s time to Wear Your Love Like Heaven…Nuff said.


2. It Only Gets Worse: Creation Myths

The past 3 weeks have by far been the hardest for me this year. I have come face to face with total despair due to the recent suicide of my best friend/father figure of 33 years. Up until yesterday, I could not write about music because everything I heard sounded like white noise. Today I have more clarity than I did last week. Last night I found a band that has created the most depressing yet uplifting music I heard all year, and they go by the name of It Only Gets Worse. Over the course of 3 songs, this group’s debut has melded itself around my mental aguish, causing me to start to feel semi-normal. This group consists of Mories from Gnaw Their Tongues and Matt Finney, and together these two have created a beautiful and disturbing record entitled Creation Myths. This is the kind of music that makes you feel human, because it’s that fucking real! Now have a listen to why It Only Gets Worse has made the list of CVLT Nation’s top 6 New Bands to listen to Right Now!


3. WORSEN: Rehearsal

How do I like my black metal raw as rotting death with the stench of decaying punk! The WORSEN demo is a primitive, angry gem of pure HATE! Get with the program – this band is the kind of of audio shit that I would paint my coffin with!


4. VOD: Deciduus

Ok, this band VOD is just next level Heavy, with so many different layers of killer soundwaves! This band’s music is a portal into an abyss where many of us do not want to go. The best way to describe how twisted this music is is to allow you to hear VOD for yourself!


5. HASSLER: Fed,Worked and Watered

Deranged Records have done it again by signing another sick fucking band called HASSLER. These rippers hail from Toronto and bring the freaking pain on their soon to be released album Fed, Worked and Watered. All 16 songs are underground raging anthems that will make you want to punch your haters in the grill just for looking at you funny. HASSLER crank out that kind of d-beat-infused thrash that makes me feel 15 again. Do yourself a favor – press play below and find a cop to punch in the eye…I’m just saying that HASSLER’s riffs will have you on some hyped shit!


6. Baba Naga: Baba Naga

I can’t tell you why, but lately I have wanted to hear riffs that have been deeper in the cosmic light of the astral world. That means that I have been blasting epic tons of psychedelic sonic sounds all over my being. When done right, this musical genre gives you the feeling that you have just inhaled a huge bong load without even sparking up! Case in point, the new band Baba Naga‘s self-titled debut. Both songs are are magical carpet rides to where mushrooms grow wild and the wind whispers the future in your ears. This band creates the kind of heavy psych that will have you saying, damn, I really freaking want to hear more from these spaced-out aliens. Anyway, peep Baba Naga’s tunes below, and if you have your bong next to you, that is totally fine!



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