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Apocalyptic Blues

CVLT Nation’s
Top 6 New Bands
You Must HEAR Today!


So Fucking Original…So fucking amazing…So freaking Magical…So freaking breathtaking…the new BOTANIST album out now on Flenser is PERFECT! Not only is this one of the best black metal albums of the year, it might just be one of the best albums of the year hands down…Don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself below…All hail BOTANIST…full review coming soon!


Open your mouth so I can pour this ultra heavy dose of slow moving doom down your throat, and it’s called DISMAL! These new warlocks of everything oppressively heavy have 3 songs of stench-infested sludge that will have you seeing this ugly world for what it really is. Every moment of this record makes me want to take a sharp piece of glass to slash my wrists, because after listening to this, you feel like there is no hope. The bass lines move at the pace of death, while the riffs will strangle the life out of you. This is why I have picked the new DISMAL self-titled record as something you must hear today…GET DOOMED and DIE Happy!



NOD NOD is good good killer music for people with an open mind! There are hardly any words to describe how fucking magical this record is…Ok, imagine if EYEHATEGOD made out with PORTISHEAD, then At The Drive In raised their offspring but only fed the child mind-expanding drugs…the end result would still not be as rad as this band. Their song “Solider” creeps it’s way into my soul and I never want it to leave, because it feels that fucking good! NOD NOD rules, so it’s your job to share this band with all of your friends and enemies. This band is a perfect example of why I love my job so much…NOD NOD is good good…Nuff said!


There is beauty in death, There is beauty in shadows, There is beauty in SEA WITCH! This unreal instrumental doom band will have you under their spell after one listen. Every note you will hear on this demo is a ritual unto itself. The way the band mixed this record is otherworldly. I hear so many wonderful textures from SEA WITCH that I’m almost at a loss…For a young band, these humans show so much promise, all I can say is: please release this in analog format…All hail the witch, because SEA WITCH RULES!


URGENT, PRIMITIVE, ALARMING, HAUNTING, INTERESTING these are some the words that come to my mind as I blast the new BLANK SPELL demo that is fucking way beyond awesome! This demo is big, pulsating bag of post punk fun that should be heard by all!! I can not fucking get enough of the grooves that this band lays down, but at the same time they work in weird melodic twists that keep me on my toes! BLANK SPELL are the shit and everyone should know that…if this band was around in the 80’s, they would have been super huge, but hey, they should get their props now anyway – game recognize BLANK SPELL, you better listen, they have a story to tell!


Slow and motherfucking low…HEAVYDEATH have done it agin and created a stellar demo. They conjure up that kind of funeral doom that all of the ghosts of Hades head bang to. Thick, monolithic bass lines cover your eyes until all you hear is the disappearance of all of humanity. Their riffs guide you through the portal to the unliving, where the only light is the flames of the underworld. I really freaking dig the vocals, they are an instrument unto themselves…Make sure to check out Caligari Records for their other releases. Right here and now, listen to why CVLT Nation has picked HEAVY DEATH to be on our top 6 list…Get Heavy & Get Doomed!


Written By

Sentient 51423

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