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Their is so much awesome music that I want to turn the world on to, but sometimes I just feel overwhelmed, because I can’t find the time. So today I want to turn you on to CVLT Nation’s Top Six releases that we are blasting right now. This is an international collection of stellar bands that must be heard! In my book, all of these bands are creating music at such a high level that it is a shame that more people do not know about them. CVLT Nation is here to cut through all of the bullshit and share with you your new favorite bands that you have never heard. As you listen to Treshing, Swamp Goat, Veils, Gatekeeper, Cursed Altar and Iron Hand, remember it’s your duty to share all of this kick ass music with your homies! These are records that I listen to daily, and they will be records that I listen to for years to come…All record label heads: do the right thing and sign one of these bands ASAP!!!


TRESHING: Soulful doom that will wreak havoc with your emotions – in a positive way!

SWAMP GOAT: Filthy, maggot-infested Doom that will be the soundtrack to the killing of the Pope! All I want to do when I hear this band is smoke weed until I pass out!

VEILS: Raw to the bone chaotic hardcore that will have you spazzing the fuck out for sure!!!

GATECREEPER: Thick, Chunky Death Metal that will have you choking on every riff. This is only the beginning for this band; I have very good feeling they will be signed soon!

CURSED ALTAR: One of the most amazing underground bands that you have never heard. This release is pure hate that has forsaken food & shelter for sonic fury!!!

IRON HAND: This is the kind of D-BEAT that will have you punching cops left and right. If you know what’s good for you get with this band’s program…I fucking love IRON HAND!!!


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