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CVLT NATION’s Ten Bands to Watch at Sound & Fury

Last year CVLT Nation had the pleasure of attending Sound and Fury’s return to LA, and boy, was it one hell of a good time. For those that don’t know, Sound and Fury 2017 is rapidly approaching and well, we just wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t offer you a list of bands to be sure and watch while you’re there. LET ME BE CLEAR: these bands are not for you to blow a fucking smoke break on – you’re not too cool to check out some new shit! Sorry if that was aggressive, here’s the list.


A lot of people don’t know this, but in order to obtain a position here at CVLT Nation, you have to pledge your unholy allegiance to Gatecreeper – and for good reason, they are one of the heaviest bands touring right now. Dust off that Obituary shirt you just bought on ebay and fucking ruin your neck muscles!

[youtube id=”MnaQr5idAL4″]


Bracewar are the undisputed Sound and Fury champions; by that I mean they’ve literally played every instalment of the fest. Fast, loud, and mean, this band takes no prisoner live and will turn the floor area of the Regent into a war zone in a matter of minutes. Don’t be the kook who misses out because you’re in your car putting on some stupid t-shirt you bought!

Footage via xmariedetx

[youtube id=”arHy1inv1EM”]


In case you forgot, hardcore is political. Let Ecostrike put on clinic on tree spiking and eating vegan!

Footage via Mason Crawshaw

[youtube id=”kn1n7jzGD3I”]


Pat Flynn rules. Everything he does rules. This band fucking rules.

Footage via hate5six

[youtube id=”042P1nVOTKo”]

5. Harley Flanagan

Talk all the shit you want, but this man had a tremendous impact on hardcore and metal, not to mention he wrote almost all of the Age of Quarrel. I’d argue its worth checking out.

Footage via Jens Kupillas

[youtube id=”zh81A3fH9O0″]

6. Harness

Heavier than a bag full of hammers, Harness will make their return after a long hiatus. FFO dark hardcore with death metal roots!!

Footage via Cody Sanders

[youtube id=”kPJKAlXtmJQ”]


Raw punk for the raw punx!!!! Seriously though, circle pit and two-step the night away for this band.

Footage via Programme HQ

[youtube id=”DygoYfZ7f8o”]


At this point, you should already know that this band is absolutely killing it; however, if you are blissfully unaware of this band’s existence, it’s time to change that.

Footage via hate5six

[youtube id=”mg0pr9Izi4M”]


Pure fucking rage straight outta Oakland. Arguably one of the most underrated and underappreciated bands out there. SOMEONE BRING ME BACK A SHIRT OR A RECORD!!!!!

Footage via Michael Andrade

[youtube id=”w337BlGJWt4″]

10. VEIN

Fairly new Avant-Garde hardcore that is gonna break your fucking teeth. This band is pushing the limits of what hardcore can be.

Footage via hate5six

[youtube id=”zUBdLmRCxqk”]

For Ticket info and full lineup check out



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