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CVLT Nation’s Label Spotlight: High Fashion Industries

It’s on like Donkey Kong (damn, I just dated myself): here is our last label feature of 2014. Today we shine much-deserved light on the Chicago punk label High Fashion Industries, which is a home to some of our favorite Raw Punk and DIY Hardcore bands. What I love about this label is that they are willing to put out releases that need to be heard, like the bands Disgusti and Acousma! So if you need a fix of some awesome tunes, fuck what you were going to wear, just try on some High Fashion Industries for size! Pick up all these titles HERE!

ACOUSMA s/t 7″

This band brings the ruckus with their brand of get the fuck out of my face kind of Hardcore. I love the FTW grooves that their songs have, it makes me keep pressing the play button. I don’t know what ACOUSMA is drinking up here in Canada, but whatever it is gives them a sense of urgency in the way they write their songs. After a couple of listens you will say to yourself, I would love to see them live, and also, what’s uppers with a full length?? ACOUSMA are the bastard offspring of the Mentors and Necros!


So what do we have here? I will tell you what we have here: a brand new can of rebellion that goes by the name of DISGUSTI! Be warned, listening to them is like plugging your brain into the power source for a space shuttle flight! There is nothing slow or nice about this band, which why I know they are the shit! Their cover version of VOID’s “Who are you” is spot on. DISGUSTI’s record has it’s feet planted on planet D-Beat, but their hands are covered in some next level angst!



I’m a punk rocker and I don’t care! RASH bash out those tunes that make me feel young – not that I feel old now…I’m just saying, if this band was around in the 80’s, we would have been slam dancing our asses off to this band! You could call this a demo, but I call it an awesome hardcore tape that needs to be heard by all…On that note, High Fashion Industries have just released their new tape entitled Hunting Humans that can be heard HERE!…Get your nuclear Jesus on and make sure to check out RASH’s demo below!



Here is another band that knows how to bring the spirit of the 80’s back…Imagine if the DK’s joined hands with the Toy Dolls who woke up on the wrong side of the bed…That would sort of describe BIRDBRAIN, but this band is meaner than both of those bands. I love the melodic chaos that they bring to the party! Don’t be a dumb ass, get down with BIRDBRAIN now!


THE VALENTEENS – Fun In The Sun With…

Ok, I’m going to keep this one simple…here is some distorted, fuzzed-out urgent POP…I dig the VALENTEENS for the off kilter vibe they bring to High Fashion Industries…Don’t take life too seriously, get with what this band is laying down.


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