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CVLT Nation’s Label Spotlight: Cerbera Odollam

There is a still small, but unapologetic entity that has slithered out of Virginia’s most recluse and tormented underground in very recent times that you all need to familiarize yourselves with, and that entity is Cerbera Odollam, a DIY underground label dedicated, in their own words, to total aural denial (and experimentation). What you will find on the still embryonal but sure to grow Cerbera Odollam catalog is sonic punishment in the purest form. Home made cassette tapes of degradation, humiliation, mutilation, and plain out gratuitous musical savagery. Sadism in aural form that is both tyrannic and lawless. You will find splinters and shards of power electronics, bursts of harsh-noise and of other improvisational, homemade, and antisocial musical atrocities, that would likely not find a home anywhere else if not with Cerbera Odollam. We support them and what they do, because, well, they bring out the darkest side of musical home production and the most vile and tormented forms of sonic art.


A forced study of withdrawal. The first release by Cerbera Odollam this is some seriously demented shit. Vile and putrid power-electronics that sound like a drill bit has penetrated your skull and is slowly burrowing into your head, piercing into and shutting down layers of your brain one by one, and when you get to the end you will feel so numb, lost and unwilling to communicate that dying away in the splinters of your shattered senses will seem like the only plausible solution to the misery these tracks have put you through. Twenty minutes of punishing audial disorder; a collage of self harm. A home made cassette tape as its sole container.

Cerebra Odollam

Cerebra Odollam


THE HUMAN CREATED BY GOD – Therein Lies A Certain Repetition

An ode to painful nostalgia; longing for what you can never have again. Eleven minutes of cooing synths struggling beneath a droning floodgate. Eleven minutes of ethereal and decomposing field recordings entwined with ambient and abstract sound-sculpting that will slowly drain your soul. You will feel the cold hand of nothingness rest upon your chest and the incessant winds of misery howl in the distance. You will feel so alone and withdrawn that you won’t know what to do with yourself until the music ceases and reality is allowed back in the room, only to find you agonizing.

Cerebra Odollam

Cerebra Odollam

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