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CVLT Nation’s Favourite Tumblr… OK Cupid Juggalos

I have accepted that internet dating is now the norm – everyone does it. Back when I was dating, it was still a bit of a taboo, and it was definitely something where you put your absolute best and most calculate foot forward, since social media was still in its infancy and people didn’t have the sale level of keyboard diarrhea they do today. Although I still think social media and internet dating sites are highly calculated methods of socializing, I also think that as they’ve grown, human impulse control on the internet has weakened. One such tumblr that proves my point, and makes me laugh at the same time, is OK Cupid Juggalos, a blog dedicated to the OK Cupid profiles of the Los and Lettes out there looking for Love. While I’m sure there are Juggalos out there who don’t think that face paint is the best way to find a soul mate, these ones are honest about their worldview and what they are looking for in a relationship and in a Family of their own. Here’s some of my favourite ones in all their blunt, honest glory:

OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mf7djk2cTd1s0hfioo1_1280 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mf828isCh01s0hfioo1_500 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mfauz79Sti1s0hfioo1_1280 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mfcuq0Hcc71s0hfioo1_500 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mfpbwaMOxK1s0hfioo1_400 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mgbynyXBB11s0hfioo1_540 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mh6543xNXR1s0hfioo1_500 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mk94xo3qQa1s0hfioo1_1280 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mnq8gpMffP1s0hfioo1_1280 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mod9o3xCe51s0hfioo1_r1_1280 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mpcoovA25d1s0hfioo1_400 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mqh5r5SJdB1s0hfioo1_540 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mslvc1Ol0F1s0hfioo1_540 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_msoil21JxF1s0hfioo1_540 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mssdovym2n1s0hfioo1_540 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_msw3bkZ6X41s0hfioo1_1280 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mt58ycWqGo1s0hfioo1_540 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mt756oxw1U1s0hfioo1_540

OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_n7rigac2yJ1s0hfioo1_540

OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mteqnep3Jc1s0hfioo1_r1_1280 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_muuq7xCY121s0hfioo1_540 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_mvcuiuKZFF1s0hfioo1_r1_540 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_myatt7UpCf1s0hfioo1_540 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_n2gmv0XzYR1s0hfioo1_540 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_n6qaf7BSxp1s0hfioo1_540 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_n6ti0b1erN1s0hfioo1_540 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_n7jai6JXoQ1s0hfioo1_500 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_nii6dkF6aK1s0hfioo1_500 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_nitcbmTkac1s0hfioo1_500 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_niv4od782n1s0hfioo1_400 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_nix00f5rQL1s0hfioo1_500 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_niyx2arC3p1s0hfioo1_500 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_nj0qo3Iw2k1s0hfioo1_500 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_nj4lwznq8W1s0hfioo1_500 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_nj9yb988Wu1s0hfioo1_400 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_nj839at0mz1s0hfioo1_500 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_njj6s4HGLs1s0hfioo1_400 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_njl301GkXw1s0hfioo1_500 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_norqpewbxh1s0hfioo1_500 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_nrhk77RhHM1s0hfioo1_540 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_nrjw8ooTLR1s0hfioo1_1280 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_nrr3nigYze1s0hfioo1_540 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_nvggbweTS11s0hfioo1_1280 OK CUPID JUGGALOS tumblr_nw2j8ge7Ea1s0hfioo1_1280

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Meghan MacRae grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but spent many years living in the remote woods. Living in the shadow of grizzly bears, cougars and the other predators of the wilderness taught her about the dark side of nature, and taught her to accept her place in nature's order as their prey. She is co-founder of CVLT Nation.



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