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CVLT Nation Top 6 RAW PUNK Releases of 2014


In the mood for some loud, obnoxiously clamorous crust punk that sports a middle finger so large it casts a shadow over half of South America?

Timekiller, take a bow. The combination of raw, hardcore punk and speed metal rock’n’roll is deliciously palpable, as the Brazilians tear through this EP in under fifteen minutes without a single breather.

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FIVE: VEILS - Unquestionable Appreciation Of Suffering

Raw to the bone chaotic hardcore that will have you spazzing the fuck out!!!


FOUR: Sesso Violento – MIND FUCKER

One of my favorite underground sonic warlords, Sesso Violento, has released a new tape and it’s it the motherfucking kind of smash-in-the-grill punk I LOVE! He has flipped the script with this one for sure – gone is the putrid, lo-fi, black punk of the past. Now Sesso Violento is banging heads with snarling punk with a dirty groove that I can’t get enough of. I’m always amazed by how one person can put out such complete-sounding tunes. This tape is full of fucking filthy melodic windows for all of us to look through, and you might just see other Sesso Violento addicts roaming the streets of your nightmares…you can buy the tape HERE!



A couple of weeks ago we covered the NARCOLEPTICS demo…Now these Raw Punk hellions are back with a new EP and it’s the fucking sonic attack that I live for!!! Unholy fuck this band jumps out of speakers into my body and has my whole being spazzing out! NARCOLEPTICS is the real deal and raw as OLD DIRTY BASTARD…I want this EP in my collection, like yesterday!



Texas punk band KURRAKÄ’s 10-song self-titled LP is a blistering dark thrash attack that borrows elements from bands like Tozibabe, from the dark punk tradition of “Siniestro” Spanish bands like Paralasis Permanente, Morticia y Los Decrepitos, and Alaska y los Pegamoides; and (musically and viewpoint-wise) from the anarcho-punk tradition of bands like Dirt.

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Excuse as I jump out of my skin with Raw Punk excitement!!! The new RAZORHEADS 7″ is so so so fucking kick ass I want to inject into my veins. This should be played at every protest happening right now and the cops would not stand a chance. The intro the song Suffer is so on point…I would be so freaking happy when these New Jersey Punk’s release a full length…RAZORHEADS RULE SO HARD!


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  1. Mitch King

    December 18, 2014 at 3:05 am

    Are the band Narcoleptics TOTALLY INSANE?? They have their EP set at $69.00 for a Digital Download??

    • Joe Burkhart Martin

      December 19, 2014 at 7:49 am

      It was either that or $4.20, but we want that money honey. For real though, the $69 price was just a joke. Meant to discourage downloading the sample track on bandcamp, at least until the physical EP was released. The 7″ EP is now available through Warthog Speak:–st-ep

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