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Black Metal

CVLT Nation Streaming:
UNRU ‘Totemiker’

UNRU‘s music is a non-stop mammoth storm of sharp sounds wrapped in passionate, melodic cotton wool! CVLT Nation have been fans of their music from the very first moment we heard their demo. Now the band are about to release their debut LP entitled Als Tier Ist Der Mensch Nichts via Monotonstudio Records (Tape, LP, DE/EU Pre-Order HERE!), Supreme Chaos Records (CD, LP – DE/EU Pre-Order HERE!), and Sentient Ruin (LP – US Pre-Order HERE!) . CVLT Nation is honored to be premiering the new UNRU track “Totemiker” below…Make sure to click on the links to get your pre-order on!




1. Zerfall & Manifest
2. Das Anna-Karenina-Prinzip
3. Hēdonée
4. Totemiker
Upcoming shows:
w/ Ultha
04.03. DE Münster, Zentrale
05.03. DE Bremen, G18 (+ THURM)
09.04. DE Mülheim, AZ (dESTRUKTIVA 8)
w/ Sun Worship & Wrekmeister Harmonies
19.05. DE Kassel, Goldgrube*
20.05. DE Darmstadt, Oettinger Villa
21.05. DE Aachen, AZ
22.05. DE Leipzig, UT Connewitz
02.09. DE Paderborn, Multikult (w/ Infesting Swarm)
24.09. DE Braunschweig, Nexus (w/ Fäulnis)
17.12. DE Berlin, Tommyhaus (Morgenstern Fest II)
*  w/o Wrekmeister Harmonies

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