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Death Metal

CVLT Nation Streaming Three New Mutant Supremacy Songs
+ Tour Dates

From their fall out shelter in Brooklyn NY, Mutant Supremacy have unleashed three new blasphemous war anthems from their upcoming second full length Reincarnate, available August 16th. All three songs come straight out of the gate for the jugular, snapping their dirty, cracked fangs in anticipation of a worthy meal. Compared to the their older records, which are amazingly solid releases by all means, these new songs seem to be Mutant Supremacy settling into their own skin. What we are seeing is a new era for this band, with a vast improvement in song structure and dynamics. Riffs that should have been quarantined or burnt at the stake for being so infectiously pissed, are casually splattered across each song. For just being the first three songs they have teased off the album, Mutant Supremacy seriously do not stop fucking kicking you in the face, over and over again. For every twist and turn there is musically, they have done an amazing job of planting the seeds for something more wretched and deprived around every corner. This shit is about broken teeth and infernal deeds. Duel vocalists bellow and snarl at each other like rabid wolves fighting over a piece of necrotic flesh. From start to finish, this ear-to-the-wall sample is a rather terrifying realization of how goddamn good this band’s ability to play Death Metal is. These are not rehashed ideas or song structures. This is not about them trying to sound like a certain style or era. This is a grand declaration of war for Mutant Supremacy. If the rest of the album follows suit like these three songs, this album is going to be on a quite a few lists towards the end of the year, mine included.

In preparation for the release of Reincarnate, Mutant Supremacy will be playing a string of dates with Skullshitter. If you’re lucky enough to live near these places, drop everything and brace every single one of your vertebrae for the this engine of hate.


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