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Death Rock

CVLT Nation Presents:

CVLT Nation presents our new Deathrock/Post Punk dance party mixtape series, Coffinmaker. Volume I features an hour of upbeat dirgy tunes from the past and present that will have you dancing for sure! For all those reading this in Vancouver, if you dig this mixtape then make sure to come out to MYSTERIA presented by CVLT Nation and 11th House Media on April 24th at the Electric Owl, featuring Princess Sparklebat, Lord Caligari and CVLT Nation on the 1’s & 2’s…Right now it’s time to release the bats and download Coffinmaker Vol. I.
[audio: Nation COFFINMAKER Vol One.mp3|titles=COFFINMAKER Vol. I]



CVLT Nation Presents: 
COFFINMAKER Vol. I Tracklisting

1.Your Funeral: I Want To Be You

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2.The Second Coming: Scarecrows

3.Bauhaus: In the Flat Field

4.Cemetery: State Ward

5.The New Flesh: Only to Fall

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6.Spear of Destiny: Liberator

7.Vex: It’s No Crime

8.MassES: Intolerance

9.Belgrado: Progress

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10.The Sound: Cold Beat

11.Spectres: Passages

12.Red Lorry Yellow Lorry: Walking On Your Hands

13.Criminal Code: Dilemmas

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14.ANNEX: Fear of Silence

15.Alien Sex Fiend: I Walk the Line

16.Christian Death: Stairs – Uncertain Journey

17.Trash Groove Girls : Zero

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18.Danse Society: My Heart


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