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CVLT Nation Premiere:
Streaming 3 New JUPITERIAN Songs!

Some of my favorite releases so far this year have not come out on vinyl, but on cassette. I have certain tape labels that I know will never let me down, and one of them happens to be Caligari Records, who are set to put out another outstanding tape by Brazil’s JUPITERIAN – their tape Aphotic is fucking addictive. This band’s music is powerful, but more than that, it’s full of morbid, melodic emotion that will open your third evil eye. CVLT Nation is previewing three tracks for you today, entitled “Permanent Grey,” “Aphotics” and “Drag Me To My Grave” – all of which will be on Aphotic. The pre-order is live now HERE! Big shout out to Caligari Records – keep up the spot-on work!


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