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Black Metal

CVLT Nation Interviews Hetroertzen

Sweden, land of metal, attracted Hetroertzena black metal band originally from Chile. They are not afraid to mix in a bit of the death element in their music. They have made a lot of albums, including a brand new one titled Uprising Of The Fallen. Deacon D. told me about the band, the origins, and what’s coming up for them. For people in Montreal, they will appear for the first time on Canadian soil during the Black Metal festival La Messe Des Morts VII.

You have been around since 1997. Do you feel that the music of the band has changed a lot since the beginning?

Deacon D.: That’s right. Everything started that year, during the first few months. Naturally, there have been lots of changes in the music and the whole concept – from cold nature, Horror, Apocalypse, Illumination, Vampirism and Alchemy. We have touched or been touched by all sorts of Dark Magic when it comes to our concepts.

What bands influenced your music?

Deacon D.: In the beginning, it was the classical stuff, from the first Bathory releases to the old Emperor. Some classical music as well, and of course the root that started it all – Heavy Metal!

There was a move from Chile to Sweden, does the environment change the music?

Deacon D.: In a way it does. Thus, our first inspiration to make music was actually the Scandinavian Black Metal bands who ruled in the first half of the 90’s. The curious thing is that when we finally moved to Sweden, we found ourselves and started to create a much more unique musical style that did not have anything to do with the Nordic BM tradition whatsoever.


How do you compare your latest release, Uprising Of The Fallen, to the previous album?

Deacon D.: It feels like we learned somehow to incorporate more variety in our music and took what we call the best of every style we love in order to create a homogeneous piece of dark music, experimenting already during the Ain Soph Aur era. This way we mastered a vanguardist BM album which stands outside the line, but stays in the dark.

Was there a source of inspiration for this album?

Deacon D.: There is a source of inspiration for most of the music we make. In this case, we went back in time to listen and study the old rock and heavy metal albums from the 70’s and 80’s. Writing about mystic traditions and the Occult. For the first time, we made an album as a whole band in which everyone worked with such a passion.

What is the theme of the album and why?

Deacon D.: It is about the “Apocalypse of Johannes” or “The Book of Revelations” taken as a Gnostic teaching. It reveals some keys to ascend into mystical levels once the only Spirit leaves the suffering “animal” which has to be sacrificed.



You are coming for the first time to Canada for La Messe Des Morts – are you excited about that?

Deacon D.: Of course. Every new land we have the opportunity to play in is exciting for us – we see it as a gift, more or less. Canada is indeed a very big and powerful country, not mention its vast and beautiful nature and majesty. We are absolutely looking forward to being there and spilling the holy blood onto you thirsty people!

Do you have a special set list for the festival and a crowd that has never seen you live?

Deacon D.: We always figure out something special for such a unique occasion. Just keep an aye on us.

Is there a band that will attend the fest that you want to see live?

Deacon D.: Profanatica, perhaps.

Do you have other projects or other bands?

Deacon D.: Yes. There are a couple of bands we have on the side with other friends, including Sapientia, Velum and Die Kunst der Finsternis.


Upcoming dates:

17. 11. 2017 – HOLY DEATH OVER KIEV IV

….and more TBA.

Hetroertzen on Facerbook



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