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Cvlt Nation Interviews Deathrock Goddess Razor Candi!

Batcave beauty Razor Candi has been kept very busy (and of course, very sexy) since we last interviewed her about her coffee table book earlier in the year. Needless to say, we have some catching up to do! The ever-changing model is able to show off her talents and do what she does best thanks to her grateful supporters on Patreon. She offers a huge array of benefits to her supporters at different levels – just from reading them, you can tell she’s an extremely active ghoul! I interviewed her to get a peek at what her work entails and what she has planned for the fans.
Since becoming a Patreon member, it feels like an entire Razor Candi world has been opened up for me! It reminds me of your LiveJournal days in the mid-00’s, only way better. Does it ever feel weirdly personal to share so much of your life with your fans, or is it just second nature at this point?
I’m really happy to hear that you’re enjoying my Patreon feed! What drew me to Patreon in the first place was that it seemed more like a platform where I can share personal journal posts, a lot like in the livejournal days, so I’m glad that’s the vibe you’re feeling when you’re there. Ironically it does feel a little weird even after all this time to share so much about my life but not because I feel exposed or anything like that, it’s more about feeling hopeful that my posts are interesting enough for people! With social media blowing up I feel a bit of pressure to keep things entertaining enough for Patrons. While I know people are aware that I live within the same 24hrs, so nothing is expected of me, I still do want to make sure I’m sharing enough without being too boring but mainly without having to fake things either. I care a lot about my posts and really do want my blog to be real life experiences and for readers to feel that they are viewing something genuine.

A highlight of my day is getting to see the Photos of the Day posts you have for your patrons. They’re always so incredibly diverse. How are you able to come up with such varied looks each day? A lot of the time you don’t even look like the same person!
That’s really sweet! I’m also happy that you notice the diversity in my posts because that is on purpose! Although it’s never expected of models to change their looks nearly as often as I do, I’ve just personally always had this thing about my look where I constantly want it to be different. It adds extra unnecessary pressure but I feel I’d grow bored if I didn’t change as much, and if I’d get bored I think my followers would so it’s really just keeping my Patrons in mind that sparks new and creative desires in me when shooting new photos, professional and selfies.

What motivates you as an artist to work so hard every day? I’m only at the $24 level, but you offer a LOT more for higher levels, from fan signs to prints of your shoots to your artwork! And these are recurring so you must spend a lot of time in several different creative processes.
Modeling has become a full time job for me so staying focused on creating new work, whether it be photos or painting, is always my main objective. I’m insanely lucky that I can focus my time on art and it’s all because of my supporters. For most people modeling or art can only be a hobby that they practice in their downtime away from their day jobs. Point is if I had to work a full time day job I’d probably never put time aside for photoshoots or artwork, RazorCandi would be no more. While my Patreon is fairly new I’m still in the learning process of figuring out which rewards are worth while whilst balancing my time so month by month some things will change but my priority is making sure my supporters are happy. My fan base and Patreon supporters are the motivation that keep the artist within me alive. Because of my income through Patreon I’m also at the point where I can start trying more elaborate projects too so the exciting part is that it will only get better!

At varying levels, members can get access to NSFW videos as well as hair and makeup tutorials. Would you ever consider making videos of yourself doing regular every-day things, like grocery shopping? Or have you ever done this?
It hasn’t really crossed my mind to make videos doing such ordinary things. I suppose if I had more requests for things like this it would be something I would try. My main hesitation with shooting videos in public is that I’m never sure those passing by would feel imposed on. I’m also unsure if stores allow photos and videos to be taken inside the store. I guess my pragmatic side kicks in during these thoughts haha!

What seems to be the most popular rewards you offer your patrons? Access to your videos and live chat sessions sound so fun!
I think my most popular are my photosets/videos and selfies. Surprisingly live chat doesn’t seem to be as popular as I thought but I think this mainly has to do with the fact that I do them via Skype and a lot of people are a little shy about getting on cam or voice. I’ll probably be switching that over to YouTube Live since Patreon recently implemented that into the site and I think it’s a better platform for chatting and live streaming photosessions.

Obviously we have to talk about your Vampira shoot – judging by the sneak peek photos, it looks very intense! You manage to look just like her in the face. What can you tell us about the shoot itself? Who would you like to dress up as for future themed shoots?
I think the secret to capturing certain looks is in the details but most of all not being afraid to include elements which aren’t considered beautiful by most standards. I also think choosing characters which one slightly resembles is important. I do believe I hit the mark with Vampira because I added that extra exaggeration to the frown lines on the corners of my mouth with the lipstick and I didn’t hold back when I drew on the brows. By almost every standard those elements are considered ugly, a terrible makeup faux pas, and if I were to tone it down a little to make it sexier it would probably be more successful but I’d rather keep it authentic 😉
I’m all about trying Morticia and Elvira, both of whom I’ve been compared to on more than one account so I’d love to give them both a go! The beauty is, I don’t need to wait for Halloween because everyday is Halloween for me!

Although you already do so much for the fans, do you have anything else in the works as far as Patreon rewards?
My cogs are always turning and I’m always trying to think of what more I can add. The good news is starting in January I plan to lower prices for my photoshoots in the hopes they will become more affordable for people. I will also make available the 2017 collection of Patreon photosets as well as potentially increase to an additional throwback photoset monthly.

I’m especially a huge fan of your tangible merch and I saw you’re adding magnets and stickers soon, and I’m very excited about your 2018 calendar. Do you think you’ll eventually move to things like enamel pins or perhaps more clothing?
I’d also really like to offer more tangible items which is why I decided to add stickers, magnets and buttons. I’m also thinking about adding posters. I’ve thought about clothing but sizing always seems like an issue. Still something I will consider if my fan count picks up! I’m also looking to invest in a Instax Polaroid Wide too, right now I just offer mini’s. I just think there is something really cool and collectible about Polaroids.

Your coffee table book is to die for. Do you think you’ll do another project as big as that in the future?

Thanks! I would like to put out another book in the future since I’m always creating new work but a project like that is definitely in the far future. I don’t have anything planned right now but if I were to make another campaign it would probably be to raise funds for a US and European tour so that I could collaborate with other models and possibly photographers but also for meet and greets!
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Sär is a writer and music enthusiast born and raised in the Portland, OR area. They have been an avid listener of goth, postpunk and deathrock since 2003 and their ultimate goal is to introduce as many people to as many of these amazing bands as possible.

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