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CVLT NATION Exclusive full stream: DISCOMFORT “FEAR”

After their split with the American hardcore/grind band False Light in 2016, the Italian DISCOMFORT are back with Fear, their new album out on April 27th via Epidemic Records.

Fear is a roaring beast with ten heads of shredding riffs, harsh vocals and devastating drums. Taking inspiration from the most savage aspects of extreme music, from early black metal, raw hardcore and grimy sludge DISCOMFORT are not afraid to put everything all together in their cauldron. The typical aggressiveness that characterizes the band explodes in every track. The best ones are “Siege” and “Trapped.”

DISCOMFORT worked in the studio with Maurizio Baggio at La Distilleria, and cooperated with the tattoo artist Servadio on the artwork. This new chapter sees guest vocals of Marco Coslovich (The Secret) and also Patrick Thomas and Issy Varoumas (False Light).

“The idea of Fear as a whole, music and lyrics-wise is focused on the self-inducted sense of frighten that society drags us into,” DISCOMFORT say. “The inability to act, the impossibility to change, the self-destructive stagnation which modern times generate are annihilating our lives but with a small and firm glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.”

They will be on tour around Europe with the Italian doomsters Messa. With “Submerged Fear tour 2018” DISCOMFORT will head over in mid-May for a ten days run that will take them to play in Italy, France, Spain and Germany.







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