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CVLT Nation Captures: Wiegedood and Dawn Ray’d

Wiegedood and Dawn Ray’d at The Louisiana Bristol

Text & Photos: Abi Coulson//Darktones Photography 

Featuring members of OATHBREAKER and AMENRA but with a much coarser epically blackened sound is another facet of the Church of Ra collective Belgian trio WIEGEDOODAdmittedly I was not overly familiar with this band although had been aware of them for a while and have also been a big time fan of Amenra and Oathbreaker for many years I was expecting good things. 

Touring their acclaimed final instalment of trilogy “De Doden Hebben Het Goed” high expectations were magnificently met with a cathartic and visceral yet seamless and atmospheric performance abundant which the trio immediately launched into with abrasive and searing, dual guitar tones and shrieking vocals of AMENRA’S bassist Levy Seynaeve, at times melodic full of emotion and barely audible. The intensity, speed and pitch makes up for the lack of bass  and lends the traditional black metal sound. The drumming is flawless tight and unmercifully fast . With no interaction and little movement other than head-banging that is as tight as their playing, the Belgian trio still maintain an impressive and oppressive stage presence. It’s an entrancing but merciless aural punishment with moments of relief during the stunning ambient breaks in between searing riffs. To witness this spectacle in such a tiny intimate space as the Louisiana is really quite cathartic and feels incredibly special and then it seems to be over all too quickly but they have definitely earned themselves a new fan.

DAWN RAY’D from Liverpool have been doing quite well for themselves. As the only opener they are a perfect choice to play the almost claustrophobic upstairs room of The Louisiana in Bristol.   Violin beautifully played by singer Simon Barr breaks up the incredible aggression of blast beats, ferocious screaming vocals and furiously fast riffs to make for a folky atmospheric blend of black metal that takes the audience on a medieval journey through grim frost bitten lands and beautiful forest glades to ride into battle.  The passion emanating from the singer is especially endearing after a very heartwarming politically left and furiously charged speech about the importance of equality, compassion and taking action. The rallying cry for solidarity and compassion makes the rest of the set feel much more poignant and emotional.

Dawn Ray’d




12-06-2018 1000Fryd Aalborg Denmark
13-06-2018 Alte Meierei Kiel Germany
14-06-2018 Oetinger Villa Darmstadt Germany
15-06-2018 Juha West Stuttgart Germany
16-06-2018 MTC Koln Germany
17-06-2018 Itawak Fest Strasbourg France
29-06-2018 Summer Gloom Antwerp Belgium
26-07-2018 MetalDays Tolmin Slovenia
03-08-2018 Roadkill Festival Waarschoot Belgium
08/11-08-2018 Brutal Assault Josefov Czech Republic
18-08-2018 Metal Mean Festival Mean Belgium
01-12-2018 Winter Assault Brighton United Kingdom

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