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CVLT Nation Captures Two Nights with BAPTISTS

Milton Stille

Two Soirees With Baptists, Erosion and Regress, with support from Vaults and Begrime Exemious

September 1st & 2nd, 2017 at The Cobalt (Vancouver) & Logan’s Pub (Victoria)

Despite the geographical proximity, getting between Vancouver and Victoria is a massive pain in the ass. Between the driving to, and getting on, the ferry, and then dealing with being on the ferry, and actually having to pay to subject yourself to such abject misery, there are no winners here. Of course, one could just fly with Harbour Air and just be done with the whole thing 30 minutes and 200 dollars later each way, but such an approach is hardly cost effective. Furthermore, if you’re a band lugging a van full of gear, the latter isn’t even an option. Consequently, it was a breath of fresh air to see Erosion and Baptists with buds from Kamloops, Regress, make the hop across the pond for longtime CVLT Nation friends and supporters Cavity Curiosity Shop’s 5th year anniversary show.

The festivities kicked off in Vancouver on the 1st at the Cobalt, with Vaults playing their first show. Comprising the entirety of local heroes Waingro with the addition of Andrew Drury of Baptists on bass – Nate rocking the six string – they sounded, predictably, awesome, and proceeded to rip the fucking roof off the place. Good show Vancouver – the place was packed before the first band hit the stage. Let’s see more of this!


VAULTS – Milton Stille


I was unfamiliar with Regress, but having caught them both nights, I can confidently say that this is my kind of sludgy doom band. This is what engages me. Deeply rooted in the approach of the slow, gradual build up that makes all the best doom metal so entrancing, they like to throw a curve ball to convention by actually shredding the shit out of everything and going fast as fuck at the end of most of their songs. This is how you make hardcore and punk kids engage with doom. Check these guys out!


REGRESS – Milton Stille


Edmonton’s Begrime Exemious only played in Victoria, and I’ll admit that I’d never heard of them before. What can I say? I’m not a real metalhead. That said, sometimes I find that’s the best approach. I love it when a band I have zero expectations of slays that hard. While I found their delivery to be a bit less black metal than their logo would suggest, there was certainly enough thrashy death to get the whole room moving. Also, that’s the raddest-looking custom bass guitar I’ve seen in a while.




Out of hibernation, Erosion returned in full-force, doing what they do best: destroying everything in their path. I only ask one thing – that they play more often. And maybe don’t request such terrible lighting on stage when they play. Stay tuned to these guys; rumour has it that they’ve recorded a full-length’s worth of material that could be unleashed any minute.


EROSION – Milton Stille


Baptists, oh, Baptists. What can I say about these guys? Clearly here at CVLT we’re fans of these guys, and frankly at this point I don’t know how to get photos of them I haven’t done already. Maybe I need to get more where I keep shoving the camera directly into Andrew’s face, inciting him to punch it, because that’s one where I really feel I could have nailed focus just a little bit better… I actually can’t believe that not one middle finger was so much as extended to me for the duration of not just one, but BOTH sets. Have I lost my touch?


BAPTISTS – Milton Stille

All joking aside, they played crushing sets both nights. The new material is sounding like their best work yet, and will be coming to you via Southern Lord early next year. In the meantime, go catch it at a show, if these guys get around to leaving their houses.











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