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CVLT Nation Captures OATHBREAKER In San Francisco

Text and Photos: Bobby Cochran

I have to admit, the Thrash Metal revival of the last number of years hasn’t really turned out anything that spectacular.  Throwbacks can be fun and nostalgic (for those of us old enough to have been there the first time), and I supposed it’s cool to see a new generation stoked on something that perhaps never got much of its due back in the day.  But how one of the most powerful and amazing metal acts of the last few years got sandwiched between four thrash/death metal bands kinda left me scratching my head a bit.  The band I’m talking about is, of course, Oathbreaker.  The Ghent, Belgium-based band just released one of the most talked about albums of the year (Rheia), and honestly I expected they might be doing their own headlining tour to promote it.  Their tragically short set at the DNA Lounge clearly set them apart from their tourmates (Skeletonwitch, Iron Reagan, Necrot, and Gatecreeper – all very good bands, mind you) and left no room for doubters.  Oathbreaker has something very, very special, with a  sound like no one else.  Tight and powerful, passionate and intense…I can’t wait until Oathbreaker makes another round through the states, this time on their own terms.







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