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CVLT Nation Captures: Dia de Los Metaleros feat. Ides of Gemini-Brujeria-Repulsion + Many More

Words by Adam Murray / Photos by Diana Lungu
Satanic Hispanics. Stoners. Beard & Beer bros. Veteranos. Mystics. Maniaxe. Grinders. They were all there on Dia de Los Metaleros. Downtown L.A. smelled like syrupy piss and the clouds hung low over the Regent Theatre. The 2nd edition of the Show Your Scars Fest was gearing up! Leather jackets were milling around, either doing stuff or looking for stuff to do. Lots of coffee was being consumed outside in anticipation of the lots of beer to be consumed inside. Sprinters and such were being unloaded. Wristbands, guest list disputes, cavity searches, vape clouds, weed smoke, text messages, instagram and wifi all present company.
Pinata Protest
Inside, Destroyed In Seconds, defenders of the D-beat, were the first band to get the PA hummin’. Sounded chunky, people diggin’ it, already a good sized crowd, the Regent was prepped for the punishing. Taarkus enchanted with flute doom, riffs and rhythm cascading upon the growing crowd, weed smoke already curling thru the air. Next, Nausea cut a knife through the stoney mystical vibe, blasting and riffing and inciting some nice afternoon pit dances. Ides Of Gemini made evident the rollercoaster-esque tendencies of the lineup (no complaints here). Sera Timms became a black phoenix, spellbinding the crowd into a whirlpool of smoke and mirrors. With the new rhythm section fully settled in, they were able to showcase several new tunes from their forthcoming album, WomenPinata Protest was a flurry of hyper-fast ska/paisa/polka/punk rock. TexMex, they call it! Absolute accordion madness with lightning fast drumming that got the kids pitting faster than they had thus far into the day. Exhumed took the baton from there, filling the air with carbon monoxide, gore-saw buzzing, harsh noodles and wild death abandon. The Casualties threw beer around like it was their job, the punk veterans commanding the pit and uniting the rest under the message: We Are All We Have. Next, the moment most had been drinking themselves for – Repulsion, inventors of death/grind, grandfathers to what many of you are still learning to worship – still faster than anybody after all these years, they carved through a total bruiser of a set: Dr. Carlson with the banter and the bass, commanding the pit, Matt Olivo bobbing and weaving through scads of leads and riffs, and the impossibly fast Chris Moore blinding everyone with his rare blast precision, they had the crowd on full tilt, clamboring upon each other, tossing this way and that. Lastly, with a rare appearance, the mysterious, machete-toting Brujeria took the stage. I think I saw a total of four or five vocalists, as well as the Brad Pitt of grindcore with a handkerchief on his face, and a bouncy, crushing support section (all but one member had bandanas on their faces, sorry Shane to put you on blast but it’s kinda obvious at this point). Brujeria marched us through a load of tunes, lyrical content circling mostly around marijuana and killing güeros. There was a lot of Trump talk (they had several brutal Trump shirt designs), and then more marijuana stuff. Fun was had by all!
Ides of Gemini 
What a world it would be if we could someday watch Brujeria decaptitate Trump on a live YouTube feed. Cheers and thanks for readin’!
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Sentient 51423

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