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CVLT Nation Captures DAUGHTERS

Milton Stille

Daughters, with The Body and Loma Prieta – November 12th, 2016 at The Cobalt, Vancouver BC

This was certainly a milestone of a show. I remember the last time Loma Prieta came through town, opening for Fucking Invincible, which is more or less what Alexis Marshall has been up to since Daughters‘ untimely dissolution. Fitting then for them to participate in Daughters‘ first show in Vancouver in 9 years. Their previous one remains one of my favourite shows of all time, with Pelican headlining just as all music media was abuzz with them. Naturally, the majority of people in attendance really didn’t have any idea what to make of Daughters when their expectations involved instrumental post-metal and nothing but. I think it’s safe to say that in this instance a larger contingent of the audience knew exactly what to expect.

While Loma Prieta‘s music doesn’t always speak to me – I can’t honestly say that all of their songs captivate me – their live performance is powerful enough to keep a room full of eyes fixated on them. Treading that thin line between hardcore and post-hardcore with just enough melody at times for some of us to find off-putting, they aren’t everyone’s bag. But the sincerity of their live performance is enough to make almost anyone watch and listen. A guest appearance by one Josh Staples of The New Trust – who was doing their merch – on vocals to close out the set was a very nice touch. It’s nice to be reminded that after all, this scene is one that’s all about inclusion.


Loma Prieta


The Body have developed quite the reputation for being one of the heaviest bands out there. I regrettably had to miss their last two appearances in town, and had to contend with all my friends telling me what awesome performances I didn’t make it to. That said, I was far from disappointed. For the most part, I just stood there mesmerized by one of the more unapologetic onslaughts of heaviness I’ve ever been subjected to. Thanks guys! Please come back soon.


The Body


With respect to their appearance at the Lamplighter nine years prior – when that was still a respectable music venue – I had doubts that my expectations of hopefully reliving such an incendiary performance would happen. In a way, I kind of knew that I was going to get something different. After all, Daughters nine years ago were touring their penultimate album. They were in my opinion one of the most beautifully damaged bands of all-time, destined only to implode on the spot, or otherwise self-destruct. The contempt between band members onstage was almost palpable. They broke up shortly after putting out what was to be their final album.
What the audience was treated to this night was something even better. A band reformed, playing choice cuts from almost all of their recorded output, with a renewed, united ferocity and precision I thought could only exist on recording. They killed it, and teased that fresh material might be conjured into existence in the near future. If you’ve ever followed this band, moments like those are as uplifting as it gets. Also, huge shout out to the girl who came here from Edmonton and joined these guys on stage for a bit. You killed it up there!





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