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CVLT Nation Captures CULT LEADER Killing Shit!

Photos & Text by Bobby Cochran

Salt Lake City’s Cult Leader probably hasn’t spent a whole lot of time in their career playing 1000+ seat venues, but by the end of their set opening for Dillinger Escape Plan, there was zero doubt they could handle that room and make the most of it. Before this show, I’d heard of Cult Leader, checked out a few videos online, and thought they were a decent, tight unit.  But seeing them up close, on a big stage, with clear and crushing sound, gave me a distinctly impressive perspective.  From the brutal opener “Great I Am” all the way to set closer “Driftwood,” frontman Anthony Lucero stalked the stage, seemingly challenging every face in the crowd to a fight, while guitarist Michael Mason, bassist Sam Richards, and drummer Casey Hanson brought the walls down all around him.  No fucking frills, no bullshit between-song banter… nothing but pummelling, single-minded intensity.  I’ve seen a lot of bands in my time, and there are some bands that have that realness… that simplicity in power, without any need to posture or bluster or fake it.  Cult Leader has it.  No further explanation needed.




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