Photos by : Teddie Taylor & Nathan Tucker text by Teddie Taylor

Burn The Throne has been showcasing the best and deadliest of underground metal in the South for five years. In 2016, though, it moved from a small bar in Baton Rouge to fill Gasa Gasa in New Orleans with more bands and more expectation than ever before. Founded by Barghest’s Troy Bennett, with help this year from bandmate Dallas Smith, Burn The Throne is a three night showcase of heavy bands that continues to grow and to branch out from the Louisiana region to the other 49 states. The spread, consisting mostly of artists from the Southern US, avoided the one-note feeling that some metal bills can evoke; the lineup ventured all the way to Michigan for experimental blackened crust and east to North Carolina for black metal. With a wall of sound provided by Austin, Texas’ Worshiper Cabinets, BTT brought together the various shades of metal and its many deafening subgenres. The three-day cast of bands consisted of GIRRA (LA), Cikada (LA), Torture Garden (LA), Mule Skinner (LA), Plutonian Shore (TX), Mysteriarch (NC), Christworm (LA), Witch Burial (LA), Sparrows (TX), Shrine (NC), Kavyk (LA), Arbre Mort (LA), Dakhma (MI), Wyrm Chasm (TX), Barghest (LA) and Thou (LA).



Plutonian Shore


Witch Burial



Arbre Mort


Wyrm Chasm




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