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Avant Garde

CVLT Nation Artist Profile: CRAOW

CRAOW is on the move. Sean Halpin’s music reaches a new plane of throbbing electronics. The gripping industrial/noise label, Nostilevo, is to release his self-titled album.

I might’ve walked out on CRAOW before. Halpin’s Difference Between the Days could’ve been background music, even when it fluttered and shook. CRAOW’s Nostilevo vibe is noticeable.

“LA” proffers the feeling of EBM evolving on slathered industrial tags – enough of that for you. The track approaches weightless and obtuse, and becomes a leaden impulse depicting the city. Nostilevo describes it as a “heavy synthesis, dark and moody electronics with a serious dance floor vibe.” The perception of addled celebration exhausted but lurches frenetically for more kicks.



It was written out of necessity: “The song ‘LA’ is named LA because I wrote the instrumentals for a fest in LA called “Thanks For Nothing” that Chondritic [Sound] and Deathshadow threw in November of 2013”.

CRAOW has moved rhythm into the foreground. It’s visible on “To Own It You Must Buy It,” (The song is to be released on Weather by More Records).

Halpin met Kristopher Reinshagen, owner of Nostilevo and composer of LFA in 2012: “I had started writing more up tempo songs around this time and he dug what I gave him so the tape C-Bank was written and my association with Nostilevo was born.”

The two collaborated as SESSJONIJIET H/R having just released ETŻS where LFA and CRAOW compose fractured noise assemblages.

They knew I was itching to play in a rock band again…” – Halpin is playing for Ukiah Drag these days. Ukiah’s Crypt Cruiser is a masterful take on garage rock that climaxed in a broken cover of The Stooges’ “Dirt.” 

You would do well to listen.




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Here comes I that never come yit, with my big head and my little wit. New Orleans, Louisiana Contact:

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