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Death Rock

CVLT Nation 7th Anniversary Mixtape – Pawns

So what happens when one of your favorite Anarch/Post Punk bands curates a mixtape for your 7th anniversary? The result is this unreal and spot on collection of songs that PAWNS put together for us! Honestly, when I listen to this it makes me want to get on the first flight to NYC so I can DJ with Gage from PAWNS because I know we would kill it! Thank you so so much – this mixtape is beyond EPIC!



Track List:

1.The System – Undercover Agent for the S.A.S.

2.ABWÄRTS – Computerstaat

3.Musta Paraati – Metalliset kasvot

4.Stimmen Der Stille – Fegefeuer

5.SIEKIERA – Ludzie wschodu

6.Anasazi – Bone Collector


8.Mobs – Evil Spirit

9.Instigators – The Church Says

10.Cruz De Navajas – Esclavas

11.Alternative – Warfear

12.Honey Bane – Beautiful Pictures

13.Boye – Kafe na dnu okeana

14.Coïtus Int. – Dry Up Soon

15.Crass – Contaminational Power 

16.The Sinyx – Mark Of The Beast

17.Anti-System – Goverment Lies

18.Kuudes Silmä – ihmisraunio

19.Xmal Deutschland – Der Wind

20.Brygada Kryzys – Nie ma nic

21.Los Paralitikos – La mandrágora

22.Ubik – Piece Of Mind

23.Da – Dark Rooms

24.Anthrax UK – Capitalism Is Cannibalism

25.Phaidia – Dark Side

26.Under Two Flags – False History

27.Polanski y El Ardor – Cruzando el Rubicón

28.Taugadeildin – Guðir Hins Nýja Tíma

29.Elysian – In the Red Light Tower

30.A.O.A. – Who Are They Trying to Con

31.The Waste – Coffee Bar Revolutionary

32.Décima Víctima – Inseguridad

33.Q4U – Sigurinn

34.The Fact – Always There

35.Ötzi – Charms

36.As Mercenarias – Panico   

37.Fliehende Stürme – Der Anfang

38.Days Of Sorrow – Travel

39.She Past Away – Kasvetli Kutlama

40.Karl Biscuit – La Morte

41.PAWNS – The Gallows (Anatomy Remix)

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