CVLT Nation 3rd Anniversary Mixtape
By Countdown To Armageddon

The CVLT Nation 3rd Anniversary Showcase is at the Black Lodge in Seattle on April 19th, 2014…more info HERE!

We’re counting down the days to our 3rd Anniversary showcase, and to help us pass the time with rad tunes, Countdown to Armageddon has made us a sick mixtape! They’ll be headlining the show in Seattle on the 19th for their 10th anniversary as a band, so if you’re in the Northwest, make sure to head out and support!

This is a collection of songs we’ve been listening to a lot over the last year since we toured Europe in 2012. Thanks to Sean and CVLT Nation for all the support and congratulations on your 3-year anniversary!

– Zach, Dav, Rob – Countdown to Armageddon

[audio: Great Expectations.mp3, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter.mp3, The Sky Is Fallin’.mp3, Owner’s Lament.mp3, I Wanna Be Heard.mp3, Rusty Cage.mp3, Limo Life.mp3, Killed by Death.mp3, A Handful Of Dust.mp3, Back from the Grave.mp3, Live for Today.mp3, White Faces.mp3, State Violence State Control.mp3, 5 seconds.mp3, Anger.mp3, Black Wings.mp3, Fire In The Church.mp3, In Shreds.mp3, Status.mp3, You Are Now Under Our Control.mp3, New Age.mp3, Magic Bullet.mp3, A Thousand Shades Of Grey.mp3|titles=CVLT Nation 3rd Anniversary Mixtape By CTA]

DOWNLOAD CVLT Nation 3rd Anniversary Mixtape By CTA HERE!

1. New Model Army – Great Expectations (BBC Sessions)
2. Nirvana – Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
3. Queens of the Stone Age – The Sky Is Fallin’
4. Scratch Acid – Owner’s Lament
5. Social Unrest – I Wanna Be Heard
6. Soundgarden – Rusty Cage
7. UK Subs – Limo Life
8. Motorhead – Killed by Death
9. Rudimentary Peni – Handfull of Dust
10. Chromatics – Back From the Grave
11. Lords of the New Church – Live for today
12. Roky Erickson – White Faces
13. Discharge – State Violence State Control
14. Cortex – 5 Seconds
15. Skinny Puppy – Anger
16. Tom Waits – Black Wings
17. The Dark – Fire in the Church
18. The Chameleons – In Shreds
19. Fliehende Stürme – Status
20. Beastmilk – You Are Now Under Our Control
21. Blitz – New Age
22. Wire – Magic Bullet
23. Cat Party – A Thousand Shades of Grey



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