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CURSED MOON Top 6 Deathrock Releases

On Oct. 27th, a game-changing LP is going to be released by CURSED MOON via Hells Headbangers, entitled Rites of Darkness. This record is a perfect balance between Deathrock and Metal. Just imagine if Fields of the Nephilim decided to start a band with Bathory – well, the outcome just might be CURSED MOON. Since we know that the man behind this killer project had an affinity for Deathrock, we asked him to give us his top 6 albums. Read what he had to say below – it was not an easy time. Make sure to stay tuned to CVLT Nation for more news about Rites of Darkness.
Okay, so here’s my top 6 favorite deathrock/goth albums. Believe me, it wasn’t a very easy choice to just pick ONLY 6. There were so many that I had to go through and pick out. This list is in no particular order, because each one has influenced me in one way or another throughout the years. I think alphabetical order should be fine. These, to me, are the ones that stuck out the most:
1. 45 Grave – (1983) Sleep in Safety
Such a fun album to listen to. It definitely has that spooky atmosphere. I live (or die?) for that kind of stuff. It has a lot of upbeat songs that makes you just want to throw your fist in the air and sing along at the top of your lungs all while raising the dead or summoning spirits.
2. Alien Sex Fiend – (1984) Acid Bath
This one has some songs that really pump me up. The beat along with Nik Fiend’s energetic vocals are perfect. The album has a very hypnotic feel to it, like it can put someone in a trance just listening to it. It’s one of my go to albums when I feel like escaping reality and be transported to another realm that’s out of this world.
3. Christian Death – (1982) Only Theatre of Pain
Such a classic deathrock album. It’s just one of those albums that you can just listen to in the dark with some candles lit up on the altar and let the dark ambience songs fill the room. Rikk Agnew’s guitar style is really creative and unique. I really like Rozz Williams’ vocals and lyrical content.
4. Fields of the Nephilim – (1988) The Nephilim
The Nephilim was the first album I heard from these guys when I first heard of them and it blew me away. Carl McCoy’s growling vocals sounded like the coolest thing ever when I heard it – and it still is to this day. The guitars on this album are haunting. Each song is interesting and well put together in my opinion. Good structure and progression.
5. The Sisters of Mercy – (1985) First and Last and Always
This one is just filled with so many great dark anthems. Throughout all these years, I can’t never get tired of listening this album. Andrew Eldritch’s vocal style on this album is my favorite of them all. The guitar leads and melodies are so good. Definitely inspirational.
6. Xmal Deutschland – (1983) Fetisch
This album is just one of those albums I constantly play. The keyboard synths gave the album an eerie feel to it, in which I really like a lot. The bass and the tribal style drumming go so well with each other that complement the vocals. The whole vibe off this album is perfection.
– Sal Hellraizerr

CURSED MOON Rite of Darkness Preview: Pre-Order HERE!

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