The CULT’s Sonic Temple turns 30. Now Watch this RAD 1991 FULL SET

One band that has shaped my life is The CULT. Over 35 years they have been a constant in my world in one shape or another! No matter what kind of music I have been into, this band has always created music that has resonated with my reality. I remember as a youth in Jamaica I had one tape, The CULT’s Dreamtime, and you could not tell me that it was not the best record ever made. Ian and Billy were brave enough to embrace Rock & Roll before any of their Post Punk brethren. 30 years ago, they released their record Sonic Temple, and it gave them solid footing in the global Rock & Roll scene. To mark the anniversary of this record, The CULT hits the road on their Sonic Temple tour in May! CVLT Nation salutes this band for changing the game – before you get your tickets, it’s time to check out this rad full set from 1991.