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PMS 84 Review – Full Stream – Footage

Sometimes we all just need a good circle pit. Unfortunately, when you’re at work, out on a date, babysitting or plotting how to abolish capitalism, there just isn’t one around. Luckily, PMS 84 is here to help! By combining the elements of Oi, classic punk and sprinkles of reverb, the band has been able to craft an excellent soundtrack for you and all your friends to run around in a circle to!

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Dylan, I can’t listen to PMS 84 while I’m on a date with my partner” – sure you can, just use that portable computer in your pocket that you’re always on. This time, instead of using it to look at some stupid fucking picture of some shitty fucking meal your relatives cooked, access the PMS 84 bandcamp and fucking party! “I don’t think my partner would like PMS 84; they’re loud and angry.” Sounds like it wasn’t meant to be, time to find someone who will willingly break shit in public with you while PMS 84 plays in the background. “Dylan, I think you have unrealistic expectations of what punks are supposed to do in public.” Oh yeah? I think you have unrealistic expectations of what it means to be punk. I bet you shop on, you fucking poser.

Anyway, if you’re currently on the hunt for some new tunes, then I highly suggest you give PMS 84 a listen. There’s not much to analyze with this band, they play straightforward punk with high levels of energy. Quite frankly, less is more, and it’s not often that we see bands fully understand the value of keeping things simple. PMS 84 isn’t trying to be something they’re not, and a quick browse through their music will demonstrate to any listener that this band knows how to play to their strengths. Now please excuse me, I need to go buy more studs on






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