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Death Rock

Listen to our favorite Electronic Death Rock tune of the month: CRUSH OF SOULS ‘Pain & Ecstasy’

Third Coming Records is becoming one of our go-to labels for Next Level Post Punk Dirge that pushes the genre to places that are fucking new! Now they’re back at it with their new release from CRUSH OF SOULS, who’s soon to be released EP Bad Trip is an out-of-the-box journey that reminds me of a late night trip to a dank afterhours party in in the Lower East Side of NYC (if you ever went to the HOLE then you know what I’m saying!). The cyco sax I hear on this record reminds me of some straight rad NYC NO WAVE mixed with the right amount of sleaze. Get with the program and check out CRUSH OF SOULS first single “Pain & Ecstasy” streaming below and pre-order the Bad Trip EP here! The single is out July 3rd.

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