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Crimson Throne speaks!

Photograph by Matt Negus

Crimson Throne is an atmospheric black metal band from the South of England. In October of 2018 they unleashed their brilliant debut record Of Void & Solitude onto the masses.

We spoke to vocalist Tom Hubbard to get an insight into the band:

Let’s start with a bit of history on Crimson Throne. Tell us a little about yourselves individually, where you’re from & what brought you together?

Tom – We have had a few line up changes since the writing of our self titled EP. One of the original members had to step away due to commitments overseas. We have also had a new drummer join for ‘Of Void & Solitude’. We are now a 4 piece who are scattered across the south, from London to Berkshire.

Your first release came out on tape via Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings in March 2017 and was followed by your incredible debut record “Of Void & Solitude” in October of 2018 through the same label. Can you tell us about the process that lead to its creation and release?

Tom – Thank you, glad you liked the record. The band has changed vision fairly dramatically in that time frame. Crimson Throne started as a means to frame and express our vision. Since the release of the EP, we decided to expand our work with the joining of more minds. We started working on ‘Of Void & Solitude’ promptly after the EP came out. The more shows we played, the more the thirst for more material developed. ‘Dalit Lineage’ being the first concept to immerge for the album. Over the next few months, we threw ourselves into the premise of the record and decided on who we wanted to help us execute our vision.

We have also been lucky in that Red River Family Records (US) have supported the band from our first release.

What inspires you lyrically?

Tom – I never enjoy this question. I’ll try to keep this as succinct as possible.

From the beginning, this band has been driven by content and themes and the varying ways in which to express or create a worthy account of such.
We draw inspiration from a host of places.  From history, cultures, humanity and philosophy just to name a few.‘Of Void & Solitude’ is more directly about human nature. We have been subjected to varying stages of our own failings and have an abhorrent, seemingly endless ability to inflict harm on ourselves and each other.

For example, “Ironsides” is based on English poet Andrew Marvell’s poem about Oliver Cromwell’s return from Ireland. In which the English under Cromwell inflicted further misery upon the Irish people.

Can you tell us a little bit about the story that makes “Of Void & Solitude”?

Tom – Almost carrying on from my answer to the previous question,each song has a specific purpose or aim. The sound and theme marrying together as one. On the exterior, we hope that ‘Of Void & Solitude’ tells a tale of grievous misgivings, for as a species we might learn from them.

I witnessed Crimson Throne for the first time at Eradication Festival in Cardiff last year. Your live performances are extremely powerful – what do you try to communicate during a show?

Tom – Again, thank you. Our live setup is ever evolving. We are looking to always expand on the experience. It’s difficult to purvey our message in this sometimes limited environment. We want you to feel our modesty as we are mere vessels for the message. We hope that the audience equally feeds on our passion and zeal.

What are your expectations or goals in terms of what you want to achieve with your music/message?

Tom – Honestly, we are a driven means. We’re greatly enjoying playing live, bringing a visual and raw aspect to our message. Moving forward, we hope to expand on the performance using visual means as another channel to express our messages. Sonically we are always working on new material.

How important is religion or spirituality within your lives?

Tom – The answer to this seemingly simple question is too long for me to go into in written context. However, I’d happily have that conversation in person. Directly, to us as individuals, it is mixed in nature.

What kind of music inspires you (outside of Crimson Throne)?

Tom – Like most, we listen to a lot of genres between the four of us. A full range of heavy or guitar based bands, classical, cultural and electronic music.The band is firmly rooted in its sonic output being in the sphere of Black Metal. But we often experiment with different bases from other genres.

What would you say is the biggest issue concerning the world currently?

Tom – This is a very open question, and I personally would normally love a platform to rave from. But, for the sake of people’s patience reading this, an equally open answer would be “humanity”.

What are your plans for Crimson Throne for 2019 & beyond?

Tom – We have a number shows lined up already and are looking to play as much as possible/suitable.Regarding upcoming releases, we are in the studio in March for an upcoming release on Apocalyptic Witchcraft & Red River Family.

Of Void & Solitude is available now through Apocalyptic Witchcraft & Red River Family Records.

Writer based in Cardiff, Wales. I play in bands & write about the music I love.

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