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Apocalyptic Blues

Come into the world of Ritual Maya through the lens of IMPA TV

Every day that I get to run CVLT Nation is an honor because we’re more than just a music site, we’re a part of a global community of creative beings and our site is a place where they can share their art! Recently we were contacted by IMPA TV who shared with us this spirit-moving footage of Ritual Maya. On a personal level, as I watch this the voices and drums take me to another place. I feel so lucky to be able to share this with you…Ritual Maya are otherworldly and IMPA TV videography is next level.

IMPATV presents Attic Recordings, stripped down performances by visiting and resident artists. Islington Mill has a derelict, partially collapsed roof and an expansive fifth floor and attic space which have been in an unusable condition for decades. These upper storeys have been periodically exposed to the weather, rendering them structurally unsound which poses a serious threat to the long term sustainability of our building.

Photo by Petr Piskač
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