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Colombian punks Muro robbed while on European tour

Muro and guys from the Rat Trap collective were robbed in Gothenburg and all their bags, passports, instruments, papers and tour cash was gone.

These guys worked hard to be able to do the tour, rehearsing at dawn before going to work and saving every penny in order to be able to get to Europe.

What they’re asking for is not a hand-out, but solidarity between punks because they are really on trouble. You can read their report below and donate whatever amount you want:


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We ask for help to international punk community!

Muro, Marta Calavera and members of Rat Trap collective got robbed last night in Gothenburg when the van in which we were traveling got assaulted. All our bags, passports, instruments, van papers and all the cash from the tour including our drivers salary are gone. Many know us for holding up shows in Colombia and know how important this is to us, how much we have worked to be here and how disciplined we are as a collective. Your help is really important for us to be able to complete the tour and for our collective to keep running as all we have in life is invested in this tour. 

After receiving the news of being invited to K-town festival and facing the low probabilities of touring back in Europe, we started to work intensely to buy our tickets. Finally, two months ago we could afford them by getting bank loans to complete the money missing. We rehearsed since 8:00am so we could have time to do our regular jobs and during after-hours we printed our merch, posters and record covers until 3:00am for the last couple of months. Each of us arrived with 30€ in our pockets and all our trust invested in the international punk community and our work as a band. As unreal or exaggerated as it may sound this is our context.

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Now we ask for help and solidarity from every person that has evidenced how hard we have worked for punk, for the Colombian scene to be on the map, to everyone that has received our unconditional love and that know how much we have done to be here as a band and as a collective, for every member of the bands we have worked with in touring through Colombia, to every traveling punk that has slept or lived in our house, to every artist we have worked with printing their art, to all people that care about us we need a hand!

This is a devastating panorama for a touring band and specially a band coming from South America, every penny we had was invested on this tour, we have not bought any extra food or drinks, we ran out of merch in the middle of the tour, and everything was going so incredibly good.

We don’t want to use pity to solve this, we just want to tell things how they are, we are fucked up as the van papers got stolen and some of our passports, we want to complete the tour and make the best of it, please help us to make it happen.

Things stolen:

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2 passports

9 bags (clothes, personal items)

Van documentation

GPS (Tom Tom Go)

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Cameras and lenses

Parts of the drumset

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6000€ in cash (including the driver’s salary, savings of our merch person, and cash made from selling merchandise and concerts during the tour)

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