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COLD BRATS Slap HARD AF! Experience “Punk In the Digital Age Extended” in Full

Ok, let me get this out of the way — WOW, COLD BRATS is sonically on some WTF this band Rules SHIT! I need your imagination for a minute; imagine if the 1st album from Suicidal Tendencies, the 1st album from Christian Death, the 1st album from Dead Kennedys, the 1st album from Flipper, and the 1st album from MC5 got together and recorded an album — the outcome would come sort of close to “Punk In the Digital Age Extended.”

Yeah, this band has its feet planted in the rich soil of the Punk Rock past but their arms are reaching high into the atmosphere of futuristic sound Punk. COLD BRATS don’t make songs, they make manic aggro anthems that get stuck in the brain for days and days. While listening to “Punk In the Digital Age Extended” be warned you will become addicted to the sound that this band is exposing your eardrums too. Fuck that, real talk, I’m so excited to share COLD BRATS “Punk In the Digital Age Extended” in full below. I want to give a MASSIVE shout to CONVULSE Records (release date Nov. 5th pre-order HERE!) for doing it again and turning the world on to the future sound of what Punk is. I would say that it’s time to give the drummer some, but it’s actually time to give the whole band some, because COLD BRATS slaps Hard AF!


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