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Death Metal

Grisly Gore: Coffin Rot’s self-titled demo review

Portland, OR has been sprouting fantastic metal bands like rotted fungus lately. One of the newest to join the ranks is Coffin Rot, a trio that brings you old-school death metal harkening back to no-bullshit early-90’s horror-themed filth. Their self-titled demo is the first offering from Maryland label Rotted Life and it’s a helluva way to make an entrance. These four-tracks go for the throat and don’t let go, and should appeal to anyone looking for riffs and solos meant to soundtrack slamming your sweating husk into another grinning metalhead. This tape was made to chuck into a boombox in your basement and forget about fads, scenesters, or anything masquerading as “real life.” Queue up your favorite scene from Cannibal Holocaust, hit play on your deck, and get transported to a simpler time.


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A suburban nihilist whose minivan always blasts the most brvtal tunes.

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