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The Classical Music of Arvo Pärt Performed by
Walk Through Fire A Moving Full Set Premiere

Photo by Mario Prhat

Doom comes in many sonic shapes and forms, which is why I can never get enough. I love to hear when bands push themselves out of their comfort zone to create art that really stands the test of time. It’s also very interesting to hear when bands find inspiration in things or genres that others might not! Sweden’s Walk Through Fire has gone above and way fucking beyond by performing a full set of music of by the classical musician Arvo Pärt. It’s the somber space in between the tones that draws you in, and transforms your eternal darkness into illuminated slumber! I really feel that a label somewhere should release this, because it’s one of the most moving explorations of DOOM that I have heard in a very long time. I’m so fucking proud that Walk Through Fire asked us to premiere this piece of heavy visual art! Read what inspired the band below, and make sure to check the band’s other releases because they have been bringing the HEAVY since we started CVLT Nation. We proudly salute Walk Through Fire for combining their passion for both DOOM and CLASSICAL in a brilliant way – well done!


[youtube id=”gPe66k5ZAb4″]


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