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In the 80’s we had them, but we didn’t have a name for them – I’m talking about street punks. During the era I come from, we just called them punks. One British label released bands that have become the pillars of the streetpunk sound and aesthetic, and that label was Cherry Red. They put out the Punk and Disorderly comps, Vice Squad, UK Subs, One Way System and many other awesome genres. What this post is really about is the outstanding film that they created in 1979, called UK/DK A Film About Punks And Skinheads. Actually, this might be the best documentary ever made about punk culture. This film has some off-the-chain live performances from Disorder, The Addicts, The Exploited, Chaos UK, Vice Squad and the Varukers. They also do interviews with the streetpunks and the skins – it’s pretty epic seeing Rob Miller of Amebix break it down on how he spikes his hair. UK/DK A Film About Punks And Skinheads tackles the issue of unity amongst the outcasts of this generation. This film is way more real than any other documentary I have seen about punks, and the quality of music can’t be touched. The feelings that these punks and skins express about the ills of this society are still valid today, so what does that say about our society? Now it’s time to step back into time and watch UK/DK A Film About Punks And Skinheads.

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