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I write this from a place of Black Love and Black Celebration! On Nov. 20th, a historic Hardcore show took place in Brooklyn that featured BUGGING, ZULU, MOVE BHC, and DOG BREATH. These bands are not looking to the gatekeepers of the scene for their validation—they are truly DIY and taking their creative destiny into their hands!

The unity I see manifested on this bill takes me back to the ’90s and some Native Tongues vibes on a Hardcore tip. Everything about this night looks amazing all the way down to the crowd who looked like an extension of each band’s energy. While watching these epic full sets captured by Loading Video Archive, I began to cry tears of joy because seeing POC creating their own punk universe makes me happy beyond belief.

I want to dedicate this post to my father who was born on July 8th, 1927. He was born into a world where lynching was legal. He was born into a world where he could not achieve his dreams of playing professional golf because of the color of his skin. To walk the PGA courses, he had to carry the clubs of white men that he was better than. My dad died a slow death alone at the invisible hands of white supremacy.

There is a part in the MOVE BHC set where Corey, the vocalist, breaks it all down about how important this show and tour are. I feel so honored to be able to witness and give a platform to young POC Doing Awesome Things. All these bands featured in this post are positive building blocks for my mental health. Our ancestors sacrificed so much for us and these young people are carrying the torch to higher heights. I want to salute everyone who made this tour possible. While watching BUGGING, ZULU, MOVE BHC and DOG BREATH reclaim their presence in an art form that we originated, I know that our ancestors are happy!

BUGGIN Captured by Loading Video Archive

ZULU Captured by Loading Video Archive

MOVE BHC Captured by Loading Video Archive

Dog Breath Captured by Loading Video Archive


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