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Choi Xoo Ang’s Haunting Nightmarish Human Sculptures

Choi Xoo Ang’s sculptures are way more than just art…they are visual portals that have the power make you question your place in the world! His grotesque works are created out of resin, but have a very haunting, almost human quality to them. His most recent works feature severed limbs, skin corsets and people made into backpacks. His skill level is unreal, but it’s the feelings that his pieces evoke that is truly amazing.

Galerie Albert Benamou – Veronique Maxe, who represents him, wrote this about his work:

His existentialist creatures, in the torments of their flesh and their contradictions, become our double dumb and clueless. The artist says that emotions are the only things given to a man or woman apart from their social status in the functioning of a capitalist society. Choi Xooang not only gives us his own feelings but attempts to retrieve a collective soul, a chart of all the sufferings and joys experienced by everyone.


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