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666% Raw Hardcore!
Chlorine Review + Full Stream

Some bands are simply underrated, under-appreciated, or just unknown, and Toronto’s Chlorine falls into all three of of those categories.  Chlorine plays fast and raw hardcore and punk music that is similar to popular American bands like Hoax, Prisoner Abuse, Gag and Nazi Dust.  In just five songs, Chlorine accomplishes the same intensity and anger that some bands take years to achieve.  Upon my first listen of the band’s demo, I found myself very impressed with the overall structure of the songs and couldn’t help but think about how so many bands these days try to go for a similar sound but come up short.  Chlorine’s demo should serve as an example of what to do for any band trying to have a solid modern hardcore or punk kind of sound.  Every song rips and will make you want to get off your ass and circle pit.

Label: Summer Isle


This demo is so fucking raw that Gordon Ramsey would hate it…and that’s a good thing, because he’s kind of a dick.  Every aspect of Chlorine’s music represents the very essence of punk, and their demo should be your go to soundtrack for everything from a street fight to when you masturbate yourself to sleep.  This is what a good demo sounds like, and every new band should listen and take notes.  It’s raw but still listenable, it’s fast, it’s angry, and it’s got just the right amount of time changes to accommodate a large fan base.  I have no idea when this band is touring or if they are even still playing shows, but if for some reason they are ever coming my way, I won’t be hesitating to go check out their set, and neither should you.  Bands like this deserve an audience; there are enough popular bands in the world that have sold-out rooms to play in – do yourself a favor and if you see Chlorine coming to a basement, house or dive bar near you, scrounge up some spare change and go get wild at their gig!!!

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