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Experience the New Chillwave Anthem by XOR “The Fool”

XOR is in the house and they have a new release on deck called beyond the tall trees somewhere that comes out on April 28th. I can’t front, this band’s cold synth vibes take me to my teenage years in the 80s. As I listen to this EP, I can’t help but think about a bunch of hardcore kids going to Vinyl Fetish to get our goth moves on. What makes this project different from most coldwave releases is the warmth that exists in XOR‘s vocal delivery! Join us as we celebrate XOR’s new record by streaming their new song “The Fool” below!

The Fool

At the beginning of every year I’ll do a tarot spread for each month, and as I get to that month, I’ll read deeper into each card. It can be fun to look at the next 12 months and try to interpret what it will be like based on some chaos of chance and what little I have figured out for the year ahead.

In my 2022 reading I got The Fool. Secret Shame was about to drop our personal savings into recording and had a lot of touring planned. Logically, trying to make it as a DIY band doesn’t make any sense, but we were excited and wanted to share with the world what we’d been dedicating ourselves to over the past few years.

That year we toured significantly more than we previously had, released an album, and met a lot of amazing people. On top of that, we managed to get ourselves out of the debt we’d gone into to fund it. Throughout it I tried to carry the mentality of The Fool–fuck it, let’s see where this journey takes me, throw everything into an adventure and hope I make it out the other side.

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Sentient 51423

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