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Death Metal

Cauldron Black Ram: Stalagmire
Review / Stream / Footage

Exhumed from the tar pits and brought to a broth, the strange brew that is Cauldron Black Ram has spilled from its devil’s belly what is potentially their best release to date. Stalagmire bilges the stinking sod of all things black, death, thrash and doom.

Where Skulduggery and Sluberdegullion came to a close, the bands third full-length album takes their fossilized remnants and scatters them across the funeral pyre. What rises from the fumes is a different part of Cauldron’s story, more focussed on the occult than on previous releases, yet still committed to the skull, crossbones and debauchery.

For those unfamiliar with Cauldron Black Ram, it is the brainchild of members from the slightly better known proponents of bands such as Mournful Congregation & Stargazer, who each boast a fine list of credits and other appearances. What CBR does is take the methodology of black/death metal and apply the warped visions of drummer Esh and guitarist Alim in a way only possible within the context of CBR.

The end result is so unusual and unique it defies easy explanation, and their latest effort is no different – odd time shifts and clever, pulsating riffs invite budding pirates to feast, drink and revel in these sailor’s sins. Disgusting, filthy music, that is as infectious as a festering musket wound.

The art that adjoins Stalagmire is a shift from previous aesthetics, internal etchings committed by Alim, and accompaniments by the renowned Mark Riddick (see below) mar the pages, whilst the skeletal cover photography couldn’t be more a fitting match for the filth trapped within.

CBR Artwork

Stalagmire is truly a new conquest for the Cauldron Black Ram, and for those who seek it’s bounty, immense pleasure and curse lie in wait.  Out now on 20 Buck Spin in CD, LP and Digital formats.

For more visit:

Cauldron Black Ram – Facebook

20 Buck Spin

The Cave Distro

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Heavy Metal Satan.

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