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This feature was taken from Terminal Sound Nuisance  Taken out of context, I suppose this split Ep can look slightly surreal in 2018. After all, it is a collaboration between one band that got to become a heavyweight of mainstream pop music in the 90’s and another one that disintegrated

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Hot Damn – FRECUENCIA DE MUERTE (aka FDeM) is the shit and I am beyond stoked that this band exists! Their soon to be released LP Death Frequency comes out on Sept. 27th via ARMAGEDDON Records. This record is straight killer without an ounce of filler, literally every song is a

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Unholy fuck – have you heard the Death Metal Punk band called Let Them Hang? If you haven’t, today you are in fucking luck because we are streaming the song “Empire of Molten Bones” from their upcoming album Ossuary. This sonic death blow will be released on vinyl Sept. 27th via

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Digital times call for analog measures and when you’ve been obsessing 90s analog hardware for decades, you can burn the house down. Portland experimental synth outfit Elrond has done just this with their fresh new LP Love Across Lightyears which dropped today on vinyl, cassette and digital. This massive journey

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SENSUAL WORLD is the fucking bomb, and they kick out the kind of jams that give me chills! I’ve got to keep it punk, because I know that we share the same politics and worldview. The vocalist is so awesome, and the music that Sensual World manifests is enchanting! They’re

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I don’t feel sane. I don’t feel well I feel the stress of the world all around me. I am tired of all the bands I listen to sounding the same. Today I want to share a new band called METH who are creating music that can’t be boxed in.

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