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During a talk at the Building Institute in 1975, Russian film-maker and theorist, Andrey Tarkovsky, was asked of his film Mirror: ‘What is the subject of Mirror, its idea, moral, plot, development, denouement?’ Tarkovsky’s response was unabashedly postmodern: ‘The writer of that question clearly considers that all those things are

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I’m not really sure where to start on this one. This album defies any attempt to pin it into a corner with any kind of label or definition. There is so much ethereal shit going on in this record that at at times it feels like it is pulsating in front

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Chicago’s Vukari may not be on your radar just yet, having just released their first record Matriarch last summer. Though, with this new offering En to Pan, the post-metal-meets-black-metal band may begin to sculpt out their own presence, especially considering the ambitious sounds contained within this new EP. EN TO

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For those that enjoy punk music but crave something a little more on the garage/artsy side of punk, Nottingham’s Guilty Parents are probably the match made in Hell you’ve been waiting for. Guilty Parents play a solid blend of art rock, punk and garage while incorporating various effects and flashing lights in

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Markus Siegenhort, sometimes going by the pseudonym of Herbst, is the helmsman of German act Lantlôs, a band that has traversed different musical plains over each of its records, usually occupying a regular home in the world of black metal and shoegaze with regular collaborator, Neige of Alcest. With new

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Photos & Text by Saul Torres Honestly, this has to be one of the best shows I’ve been to here in El Paso. Mogwai killed everybody’s ears that night. The band opened with “Heard About you Last Night” from their most recent album Rave Tapes, followed by “Friend of the

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