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If you’re looking for a constantly shifting, almost werewolf-like musical project to destroy your ears to, well you’ve clicked on the right review today here on CVLT Nation. Germany’s Ekranoplan have rolled out their self-titled release via Narshardaa Records, and hot damn, this one is a keeper. Composed of members

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I got the chance to sit down with the guys from Sannhet and we talked about various aspects of the sub-genres they are often attached to, along with other musings. Right off the bat, I hit it off with their drummer Chris, who was wearing a Youth Code shirt and I was wearing

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How beautiful is the sun? How magical are the clouds? How mystic is the wind? How moving is the new HYPOTHERMIA song “Efterglöd”? This tune is a post rock hovercraft that will have you flying all around isolation before landing on self-liberation. CVLT Nation has been given the honor of

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Andrea Petrovicova is a Prague photographer whose work is mind-melting and otherworldly. When I look at her pictures, I lose myself in them only to find a new part of my imagination. Check out this killer photo essay featuring her most recent pictures of Helms Alee and Russian Circles performing

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Our comrades MIDNITE COLLECTIVE are about to the release a new 7 inch split featuring  DEATHKINGS & ROZAMOV, limited to 150 copies. Both bands bring their A-game on this record! DEATHKINGS & ROZAMOV will be performing at this year’s Psycho California from May 15th – 17th. Right here and now,

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I’m in awe of the new IMPLODES – Reverser is a perfect soundtrack for watching  the sun rise while everything around you blows in the wind! In between the sonic textures that this band creates is where you will find the magic. I feel so freaking lucky that CVLT Nation

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