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HOPE DRONE are back and they are fucking killing it! Today we have the honor of sharing with you their new song “Forged By The Tide.” This track is taken from their soon to be released album Void Lustre that is coming out on August 30th via Moment Of Collapse

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Unholy awesomeness – El Altar Del Holocausto’s -I T- is one of the most majestic releases of 2019! This Spanish Post Doom Rock band has created a heavy yet soaring collection of anthems that will make you look into yourself as you head bang into another universe. We have been

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TOVARISH’s new single “SIlver And Lead” from their soon to released album If The War Comes Tomorrow is a dark emotional ride I do not want to get off! You could call this doom but I call their music the soundtrack to sad happy days! They have killed it with

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Right now, my province and my city are in crisis. The federal government is attempting to push through Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, despite opposition from almost half of BC residents and the BC government. It’s causing a trade war with our neighbouring province, Alberta (the Texas of Canada),

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It was the perfect soundtrack to a confident creep, a stealthy kill, a digestive meditation. It just kind of felt like spider music.

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All photos and text by Bobby Cochran Third Leg – Heading South The band lumbered southward into the open arms and more temperate climes of Richmond, Virginia.  Tonight was Aaron from Yob’s birthday, so post-show there were some shenanigans, but nothing too kooky.  I forgot to mention that Levy from Amenra

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